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It’s been a long time since I blog here. My hands are tied with lots of things. So yeah, these happens when you juggle lots of things you think you’re capable of (I’m not!). I think my brain is finally getting the idea of maintaining things—single-handedly is quite ambitious. Oh well, I still do it. I really just don’t know when to shut-up. After I read/watch something, I go to twitter and ramble. I realized that I might’ve spoiled several poor souls out there. And with that I came up with an idea. Well, sort of feature where I’ll do short, quick notes. A la tumblr people when they do after that thoughts kinda thing. (hence the static page!)

Ok, with that settled, I’m gonna do some rec. It’s been a while but there’s this series I fell in love at first sight. I’ve been scouting the internet for good shoujo reads (I’m in the mood). If you see my tbr list, you’ll be amazed on how many it is. No, I’m not kidding. Ah ok, this series, it’s called Joou no Hana (女王の花). I don’t know how it captivated but it did. And that’s coming from a person who’s very reluctant with historical/fantasy series.

It does remind me a bit of Akatsuki no Yona sans the search of the four dragons (aka Yona’s harem). Aki, a princess born from political a marriage, wasn’t exactly princess-y. For one, they were treated as if nobody. Living in small quarters, with barely support from her father. So sometimes she sneaked out food for her ailing mother. The second queen, who’d been counting for the days of Aki’s mother eventual demise, added to the harsh treatment she was already getting. During a confrontation, she met foreigner: a boy with blond hair and blue eyes, named Hakusei. To make a long story short, she saved him and he pledged loyalty to her. Even after she was vanished from her very own kingdom and take refuge to the country where her mom was born—as a hostage.

The thing about this series, you get to read them while growing up. I think it started when they were 7? And now she’s 17/18 (haha, I’m not sure). I also loved that it has a slow romance. Sure, it was obvious as they grow up that Hakusei was harboring some romantic feelings for her. At least unlike Nadeoko, and Yona (best gals of obliviousness) she is kinda aware of it but it wasn’t truly emphasized yet. Oh yeah, while I liked Hakusei for Aki, I can’t get my eyes off of the prince of So Kingdom (there are four kingdom here, ah, kou, so & dou…I think?). My gosh, I’m really intrigued.

Also, if you like AnY’s political story, then you’ll also liked it here. There’s no magical power…at least none yet on the chapters I read. But I really liked the characters here: There’s Aki, Hakusei, the merchant who turns out may have relationship with her mother and some others.

And while it gives me that AnY vibes (sans the harem, again) it still has very own unique core to it that I liked. Unfortunately only 21 chapters are translated and once again tempted to read it raw. Anyway, highly rec it. Pretty art, awesome characters & intriguing plot. Me likes! <3