I’m so fascinated with manga that focuses on certain tradition/culture. Tsukikage Baby is about the owara dance and there is Pin to Kona which is about traditional Japanese theater. I recently read such an amazing series that I wholeheartedly adding to my favorites that involves Japanese musical instrument called koto, it’s called Kono Oto Tomare (この音とまれ!) by Amyuu

I have mad respect to shoujo authors jumping to another demographic. I’m not sure how it works though but I think it’s kinda difficult to penetrate a male dominated field. But I’ve learned about the author through her shoujo one shots and later found out that she has new series currently running in Jump Square (Shueisha’s monthly shounen magazine). At first I was only captivated by the art; this is shoujo author of course the art is pretty/feminine. Is not that male mangakas cannot produce such quality but there is distinct difference shounen & shoujo styles. But after just one chapter I was immediately hooked. I even raved it to my sister who also got herself tangled in this fascinating manga.

So really, what is it all about Mitchii? It’s about this student who was the only member left in koto club. He needed members, even at least one to avoid disbanding. A delinquent proclaimed that he will be part of it much to his surprise. He didn’t take his admission seriously but later learned about the true reasons why he wanted to save the club. Later on few more members joined: koto player prodigy, three more delinquent & a reformed mischief. How can these odd combination produce music together? Well, they did—but took them lot of practice though.

I love, LOVE the characters, their dynamics are so interesting to follow. Like I said earlier they’re bunch of odd individuals because of that their personalities clashed often. But even though they have that kind of atmosphere they still able to understand each other and tried to improve their attitude; it opens the communication between them.

Chika Kudou, the protagonist, had it hard. People quickly judged him because of the incident he was involved in. But his passion for playing koto was so sincere. He’s freaking too pure that my heart can’t help melting for this guy. He produced music that according them was sweet and gentle: a far cry from his rug thug attitude. But man seeing him tried his best was just so interesting to witness. Of course, it wasn’t all about Chika, the rest of the cast like Kurata Takezou, the default president of the club: who once was a pushover but you will get to see the tremendous character development in him. I think he wasn’t gentle like he was at the beginning; he became rough around the edges as he learned to support the club not by virtue of being the sole member but because he has now great love for the club and people behind it.

Then of course, one of the two roses among the thorns: Satowa Hozuki. She is a prodigy (think of it as Kageyama of Haikyuu), capable of playing koto even such a young age. But when she watched a sub-par performance of a certain koto club and that despite of it seemed to be happy with what they were doing, she realized what she lacked. I think she found it in the company of Chika and the others.

The humor was spot-on. Oh man, I wish it’ll get adapted so I can officially see them moving, hear them talk (Chika and Kagami have the same VA in this vomic!!!) and listen to their music. It’ll be brilliant just like Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. But I dare not lose hope; I know the time might come.

So if you’re up to some series that will stir your hearts with laughter and music then Kono Oto Tomare is a manga you need not to miss!