Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii recommends The Breaker & The Breaker: New Waves!
On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too!

I’d been eyeing The Breaker for the longest time. I have good experience with manhwa that geared towards action plus the art from what I’d seen prior to reading was really good. No, awesome! So I decided last week that I shouldn’t let my curiosity wait any longer. I read it. And WOW, like WOWZERS!!! I was so impressed; it’s been a while since I read the series that made me this hooked. Like super hooked! I agree that it wasn’t exactly the most original or flawless I’ve read but it’s been a long time that I have this kind of story hangover that the moment I finished it I instantly want to start all over again. Reliving every small detail. It was truly remarkable.

The Breaker Season 1
The Breaker

Facts first: The Breaker and the sequel, The Breaker: New Waves are Korean graphic novel (manhwa) written by Geuk-Jin Jeon & illustrated by Jin-Hwan Park. First published by Daewon C.I. then the sequel by Daum (Kakao Corp). It’s an online comic—in which my sister raised a very interesting observation: the pacing was little off at the beginning (that’s why boys and girl, editors are important). But regardless it didn’t completely waver my fascination over it. True that first few chapters was dragging and unoriginal (if you read GTO by then you know what I’m talking about). But once those roadblocks were over, I dealt a very interesting world of martial arts.

Yes, The Breaker is about a young boy thrust in the world of martial arts. This is not the Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan sort of thing. There was some sort of supernatural element there and how the author combined those and made it worked was the real deal to me. Shi-Woon was ordinary student in very bad predicament. He was bullied by his classmate; thought he had enough, he decided to commit suicide. But thankfully the new teacher saved him from it.

I can’t believe someone of his caliber exists in the world of murim. — Ghost Doctor to Shi-Woon

He also found out that this said teacher knew martial arts and begged him to teach him to protect himself (and his friend). But little did Shi-Woon know that his teacher (sunsengnim = sensei = teacher) was more than a normal martial artist. He was the infamous Nine Arts Dragon and who the Martial Arts Alliance was after. Now, being the sole disciple of this man made him a target as well.

The Breaker Season 2
The Breaker: New Waves

The first season (book one) was totally cool. I did like it but the sequel was what made me really hooked. Shi-Woon was sharing the spotlight with his teacher. Even at the beginning I already liked Shi-Woon, there was something about him that was charming that you can help root for him despite all the odds thrown to him *coughs* I understand why all the girls were smitten by this boy. *coughs* So when the sequel, New Waves rolled in I was undeniably stuck to every page craving for more. I have few hours of sleep because I just couldn’t let go of the story. I kept turning page like an addict getting her latest fix (not that I know those stuff, I’m clean living yo!). But that’s how I really was when I was reading it. I just blazed through it, caring about nothing and deeply submerged in this world of martial arts and Shi-Woon.

I totally want the third season to happen. But alas the authors are on break and doing new projects. I hope they aren’t completely burn out from the story because there are so many angles that have yet to tackle and I’m eager to see how everything will unravel. Plus I want to read the mature Shi-Woon doing his Gaju (highest position; the leader of the clan) duties! I know his potential to become this really badass boss of the martial world is so big and very feasible & I want to witness that oh so badly! Must happen PLEASE! 오하시기 바랍니다 (<- not sure about this)