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Title: Reckoning Author: Lili St. Crow Series: (Strange Angels #5)...

Title: Reckoning
Author: Lili St. Crow
Series: (Strange Angels #5)
Published: November 1st 2011 by Razorbill


What the heck? That’s it? That’s the ending?!

I’m completely disappointed. And utterly frustrated.

So, two stars. Just two stars you say? I never like this series anyway, I read this book because…wait, I think I forgot why. Ah, yes, yes, it’s for Christophe. And I’m curious enough to want to know how the series will end. But goodness, please forgive me but I am not happy after I finished it. There was never a time I was happy reading this book.

Caution: I’m not withholding the information. So I warn you (slight) unmarked spoilers below.

I’m upset that conclusion wasn’t solid as I expected it to be. It was very disappointing. In a nutshell, she ‘bloomed,’ she is now a fullfledged svetocha then Serj died and the biggest shocker of them all—she didn’t end up with anyone. At least in the most absolute way. From what I can read (between the lines) she subtly chose Graves. But that was just my assumption, I hate not knowing, it was super annoying. It is like, just rely on your gut instinct or something. Like they’ll leave the ending to the reader’s imagination (if you managed to retain your sanity after reading this book. Good luck) Not to be mean (well, I think I am), but I hate the ending. It’s unfair that they left us, readers, hanging. How will you feel if you went in to a game with both team lost? It’s unreasonable right? Well, for me it was. After investing something on the characters. It was unfair for readers, and for the characters. They need a better conclusion. I might prefer Christophe over Graves, but I didn’t like how she put him (Graves) on a situation that should’ve been addressed earlier. I felt like, yikes I forgot to mention it so I’ll drop it along the way. I think the revelation was imperative for both readers and Dru to know.

Rants aside, I don’t call for a spin-off. I already had enough of Dru. I don’t think my mind can handle more. Just no more.

And for the record, I didn’t give it two stars because she didn’t choose Christophe. As I said, I wasn’t big fan of the series. I just wanted to know how it’ll end. But even the ending was a disappointment. But choosing Graves is better than not knowing at all. In fact, I don’t care whomever she chooses. Besides, I also liked Graves. It’s better option no matter what angle you choose to see.

If you loved this book and love open-ended ending then good for you. But if you’re like me who wished for a better conclusion and more definite answer, then too bad. You’ll also end up heartbroken. In any case, just be prepared.

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