Regular / In which Mitchii just read, and read, and read some more!

I think I spend more time rereading old series than picking up news one (although I’m not gonna listed them down here anymore).  It’s kinda interesting to see different art trends of the 90’s and early 2000s. It feels very wistful~  haha Anyway I did some reading again and I’m here to share them! Let’s start!

『ボッコンリンリ』 Bokkonrinri  shoujo manga about calligraphy; the heroine is part of calligraphy club in school and it was in brink of disbanding, thankfully talented young calligrapher stopped it from completely closing but with  a small price: she must lead the club!  『激情コモリウタ』 Gekijou Komoriuta about girl who just likes me love shoujo manga, but unlike she actually met some idol hotties that inspired her to become an actress and then…it ended? LOL  No seriously in a nutshell that’s how it went. Then 『コイマト-恋的-』 Koimato about a club again but this time archery! It was really nice one, there are 3 guys and I liked the second guy but then again what’s new? LOL

『告白びより』 Kokuhaku Biyori is about a girl working part-time fell in love with her co-worker. This is I think an anthology I have yet read the rest though. And it was love at first sight with 『殺し愛』 Koroshi Ai! I love the whole enemy-lover dynamic about it! I’m excited to read more! 『今日から門限7:00です』 Kyou Kara Mongen 7:00 Desu –your typical shoujo of girl who had lost her parents then a guy suddenly got into the picture as her new guardian, and well, you know what’s next!

I thought I found new favorite in 『ましろのおと』 Mashiro no Oto. The first 2 chapters were super engaging (the rest not so much but bearable)! He lost his grandfather who had taught him how to play shamisen (Japanese musical instrument) and with that he also lost his will to play. But he met a girl that gave her the push to start again! Awesome start but it became very slow after it. I didn’t know that 『ミエリーノ柏木』 Mielino Kashiwagi was seinen ahaha I thought it was josei. Anyhoo, the girl was part of 3-man group who get hired to break up couples. And she has very convenient power: she can see glimpse of future of the person she touches! It was pretty interesting read! 『プリズンハーツ』 Prison Hearts  (Imprisoned Hearts) is a little downer for me, I liked this whole he was being hunted by this mysterious girl, and a series of unfortunate events sort of thing. But meh, execution was sub-par. ^^;

The whole world future lies in one teenage boy; that’s the story of『それが世界のフツーになる』 Sore ga Sekai no Futsu ni Naru. And I liked Mielino Kashiwagi, I thought this one is seinen, and then it turned out it’s a josei. Like whut?? Next, if I there’s just one word to describe『そうしそうあい』 Soushi Souai (by Liberum), that would be CUTE!  No, seriously it’s so cute! The whole straight A student and delinquent story isn’t new but the Soushi Souai made it uber nice and good feel type of series~ Love reading it! And lastly, 『絶望ベイビー』 Zetsubou Baby a very quick shoujo read. Shy girl + a rich and assertive guy! Nothing new here but fun one!


And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?