OK so I did some reading. Like tons of reading.  Sometimes I just wolfed down the pages and then hopped onto my next series as easy as 1, 2, 3. I easily get bored, everyone. When I’m resting I read. I remember Haise said that he loved to read because he doesn’t want to sit idle while consumed by his own thoughts. Yep, same case applies to me. I like doing nothing but I don’t want to think. My thoughts are plagued by worries and whatnots and I don’t like getting anxious over something (shooting my stress level up unnecessarily ). That’s why I love reading manga (much more than watching anime tbqh). It’s indeed an escape for me…

Oh wait what the hell am I blabbering about? Ah, sometimes I just ramble, and ramble endlessly. Well, this is the once a month feature here in my blog where I proudly dishes out what I’ve read last month. Mostly are swoon worthy reads and occasional bad-ass shounen/seinen stuff! I ‘m hopeless romantic fictionally and cynical at romance realistically. And I digress, so here they are:

Finished Series:
Bitou Lollipop

Cat Street

Futarime no Ouji-sama

Bitou no Lollipop is josei series about her parents winning a lottery that ultimately changed her life—not because of the money but people she met after that. Cat Street was recommended to me and was happy to oblige. When it comes Kamio-sensei’s love interest I always hit the right man (same with Tora & Ookami). Futarime no Ouji-sama, josei series with love-hate relationship. Cute, short & overall nice!

Koi Toka, Kiss Toka…

Kuro Bara Alice

Tora to Ookami

Koi Toka, Kiss Toka, Karada Toka a simple first love of a nice girl + playboy kind. Cute but nothing spectacular about it. Kuro Bara Alice got me in a limbo. On one hand it’s quite interesting vampire twist—so different from the ones I read, books included. On the other, the female MC got me like “Act like a mature woman that you are, dammit!” (that’s me, the pot, calling the kettle black) . But gosh, I was so intrigued. I’m pretty sad it was on hiatus, like WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? *coughs* Tora to Ookami is also by Youko Kamio. Since I liked Cat Street,I also tried reading this one! Very nice (and I loved that the love triangle was unorthodox (that reveal in the ending!). Read it & you’ll know what I mean

Recently Launched/ Very New Series:
Konna Mirai wa…

Suteki na Kareshi

Umi no Cradle

Watashi no Joushi

Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!! is another time traveling theme shoujo, but in this one the female MC went back to the past to pursue her younger self to confess to her best friend (long time crush) or else she’ll end up single!! (hey, what’s wrong with that though??!!) It’s comical so I’m really enjoying this one. Suteki na Kareshi is giving me all the Ore Monogatari kind of feels (wait, it’s from the same author!!!). Nope, the guy’s hot though but it’s light, it’s nice, it’s sweet and even sometimes funny! Just really feel good type of shoujo! ). Umi no Cradle is a historical manga about a young woman on journey to find his long lost master, who tuned out wasn’t actually dead? It’s sea adventure with even a guy with hook for an arm (he looks good though!) Totally loved it! Watashi no Joushi is a pleasant josei series about the superior and his subordinate. Also really liked this one! So nice!

No Covers/ First Official Volume not yet released (NYR):

Ano Natsu is time traveling shoujo series. People from a reunion went back to their high school days and some secrets were revealed about them. Hakoniwa no Soleil is a mystery shoujo manga. Female MC’s art teacher was murdered and the teacher’s brother was seeking revenge? answers. The weird part is the suspect was a young boy, who in my opinion doesn’t seem like he did. So there’s the mystery surrounds the teacher’s death. *Nisekon – Danna Koyou Keikaku a smutty josei series about a woman who won the lottery and got her hiring some bishie as her husband! Toukyo Palette is about countryside girl who moved to Tokyo and met a boy from a famous idol group; and you probs know the rest! And finally, *Wagaya wa Kiseki de Afureteru is woman who fell in love with guy who is almost in his dead bed. It’s sad…but the twist happened which made it underwhelming after such a powerful first chapter. Too bad!

How about books, Mitchii??!! Not now folks! I love reading manga, and so manga I read!

I also told you that I did some rereading, too, right? Yeah, I’m on the roll last month! As labeled, eight of these [*] are finished series so yeah! Then I also have some titles that I’m starting to read (like this)  but I’m saving them for next month since I haven’t exactly, officially started them! *wipes sweats* It’s a lot, huh?

And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?