Regular / In which Mitchii just read & read & read more manga!

June was chaotic, in a sense that I put myself into many things more than I can handle—or so I thought. I might’ve sacrificed my blogging time to fulfill these responsibilities but never my reading time. Thus my reading list was little too much this time around (again)! But some of this manga are short/one to three volumes titles. I might have cheated, now that I think about it. In addition I just found three new series that I can happily add to my roster of favorites! 232323

Another note, I feel like I’ll be reading less this July, my schedule has changed and I’m still getting used to my new routine. In a way I’m still figuring my sweet time for reading (unlike before I know at what time I’ll be reading—midnight). I got new titles, courtesy of my latest hoards & I’m planning to deal with them first before I set my eyes on titles I do want to read. Good thing most anime series I’m watching this summer (in Northern Hemisphere, not summer here anymore) I’ve already following & updated with the manga! Ok, I’ll stop blabbering now! 11

I was easily intrigued when I read the blurb of Aku no Kyouten (ongoing)—serial killer as their teacher! But so far no blood has yet to be spilled! But the story of this seinen series was really interesting. It’s more psychological than violent/thriller I had in mind originally. Haru no Noroi (ongoing) was an easy favorite! I fell in love on the get go! It’s a love story with lots of grays. 14 The younger sister died due to illness and her fiancée was in love with the older sister, while the older sister asked the fiancée (and become hers due to family politics—in gist!) to go places as a way to remember her dead sister. It was easy assumption on my part that there were no complications but how would you feel if the dead sister didn’t like the idea of them falling in love. And she actually knew their feelings were mutual even before she died! So interesting! And another new favorite! I love Kimi wa, Ore ga Suki Datte Ittara Donna Kao Suru Darou (no cover yet) & (ongoing); like super loveeee~! 21 2121I know it’s simple but I always loved shoujo series in the guy’s POV! And the girl has set her eyes on another man. So, so fun to read. I love it!!! Kioku Capsule – Onii-chan to Mou (finished) was little meh, just another pseudo-incest story.

Koi Furu Colorful – Zenbu Kimi to Hajimete (ongoing) is sweet shoujo series. Just kids being kids in love, no heavy drama just your average teen angst & romance! I liked it! Nikoniko x Punpun (finished) could be great. I always have great penchant to female MC that don’t fall in love so easily! Plus the girl was hard-working, while the guy fell in love with these attributes (apart from she was the first who didn’t fawn over him LOL). It could be great as I said but it was sadly quite short! I stumbled upon Love Phantom (ongoing) after checking Petit line-up. It’s about work romance with a May-December love affair. It’s nice, mature & I liked it.


Like Love Phantom, Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi (ongoing) is part of Petit series. It’s not really my favorite but it was interesting. Couple who married first before they fell in love. Quite cute despite it being a mature series. R17 (finished) was about friendship over romance! A bit interesting especially the last two chapters (was worried for the guy there for a minute!) but I was glad it went the HEA route! Seishun wa Zombie Deshitao (no cover yet) & (ongoing) is another new favorite! 9 So much love for this josei series. I already have a couple mangaka theme manga series, like Under Hero & Rabukome no Baka but this one focuses on the author rather than her work or the nature of it! It’s about a woman who does shoujo manga as a profession but had never fallen in love. At 22 she’s now trying to figure this out. And the men! I don’t know who to root for! They really care for her! Girl, you are so lucky!

Tokenai Koi to Chocolate (ongoing) is mystery, slice of life series. Two childhood friend that maybe mutually attracted to each other, but the guy friend decided to date the other girl because of her sickness. But what if the girl isn’t who exactly who she presented herself to everyone is. Intriguing, right?

Toshishita no Otokonoko (finished) cute love story between senpia-kouhai. Not a lot was going on but it was a cute, good feel series! Tsuugaku Densha – Kimi to Boku no Heya (finished) about the guy in coma that wondered to the girl’s room & unable to leave. In turned out he had a lot in his plate hence his situation. Uso Drop (cover unavailable) & (finished) love story between twins. Watashi wa Tensai o Katte Iru (no cover yet) & (ongoing) again about childhood friends, with guy who’s in love with girl. It’s quite brand new series but girl is the kind, sweet type, while the guy is the smart one—the real brain behind the girl’s empire computer biz!

Yura-kun no 10% ni wa Himitsu ga Aru (no cover yet) & (ongoing) is also new favorite! 21 A guy with only 10% vampire blood who is enticed by girl’s blood scent. But it’s not wondering the Twilight territory, don’t worry. In fact, it’s so adorable; I was asadasgfvdhgfj the whole time! 10 So much love again for this new Margaret series! And finally Zettai Fukujuu Idol, (finished) love story about an idol, yep and that was it. Nothing remarkable I’m afraid!


And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me? 5