Regular / In which Mitchii just read & read & read more manga!

I read lots of webtoon last month but of course I didn’t neglect my never ending pile of manga! I have few volumes left and honestly as much as I would love to slowly grasp Japanese I’m just innately lazy and look for other series I can, you know…easily understand. I cut corners, I know! The amount of series I desire to read is endless. It’s the language that making it hard to do so! (Do I now need to learn Korean now? Like seriously those gorgeous series on Lezhin!!!)

7th Garden is a shonen series with such gorgeous art. The moment I saw one of the volume covers I was like ‘yep, you’re on my list!’ That said the art is its greatest point unfortunately the story is so-so. About a guy who sold himself to devil kind of story. It was OK-ish. I loved Akuyaku Cinderella’s concept of the guy acts like hero but so unhero-like and the girl MC who supposed to play the villain believes in heroism & such! The idea is so cool! Next up is Ashita no Ousama and gaaah~ love! 21It was about theater, scrip writing, directing and all those media stuff on creating stories! I love the MC! She was so vibrant, positive and creative! It’s an older series but if it’s good who cares about its publication date, ne? 1

Canaria-tachi no Fune Haru wa nano mino is sci-fi story about aliens wiping out humanity and there are only two survivals out of incident, or so the female MC thought! A bit weird but somehow I couldn’t stop reading! I kinda liked it! 11 Hyakunichikan!! is a series that had intrigued me for some time now because apparently Ishida -sensei (of Tokyo Ghoul) liked this series and anything I associate with that guy is worth looking at! And it’s cute, warm and light-hearted. Almost same vibe as Amaama to Inazuma sort of series! While Jigoku no Enra is about a girl who said to be evilest of them all according to the devil’s son himself! And he’s there to look after her future mischiefs!

So, I love Mob Psycho 100 anime so it was no brainer that I needed to read the manga. ONE’s art is an acquired taste I believe, but his story-telling is undeniable top-notch! I loved the manga same as the anime! Principal is one of the series that feels special but didn’t leave me all that interested! The art was pretty, the plot seemed fascinating (summary-wise!) but the execution felt flat. 4 I’m not even sure if it’s worth reading the next volume… *sighs* Suki ni Naranai yo Senpai is another downer again. For some reason shoujo was a hit or miss last month! Girl who chased this art senpai that turned out to be your typical annoying broodish kind of guy! Yep, classic shoujo right there and then everyone!

I almost give up on shoujo but fortunately I came across Tentou Mushi wa Yume wo Miru! There was this series I liked before called Ghost Only, and this one is giving the same atmosphere aside from the fact this one is set during the Showa era! So yay! 9 Watashi tachi no Himitsu Jijyou is your typical josei series about woman who is distrustful of men but met the guy. It was OK nothing interesting happened yet and that maybe because I only read vol. 1. Lastly, Wonderland story revolves around these specific townspeople who became like Alice of Alice in Wonderland story—they shrunk! They are now in danger and they need to know how to get back and find the root cause of this! Interesting stuff, a bit gory! LOL but it was good!

I read (and reread) dozens of webtoons as well like Cheese in the Trap, Winter Woods, Orange Marmalade (among others!). I finally finished reading My Beautiful World because I finally caved in a got me self some spottoon account! I already have a post prepared about webtoons that y’all should look forward to! I’m quite excited! 10


And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me? 5


4 Responses to Regular: What’s On My Reading List?

  1. Chri says:

    Aaaah so much manga *O* I haven’t really read a lot of webtoons, but my friend is really into them and she recently helped me download this app to read them on and recommended a lot of titles to me, so I’ve been slowly going through her list… have you read Siren’s Lament or Wind Breaker? Those are the two I really like so far 😀 And Cheese in the Trap’s the one that has a live action drama, right?

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m reading Siren’s Lament & I liked it! Same with Wind Breaker–I liked that one, too! Yep, Cheese in the Trap has a drama (I think it ended, not sure since I’m not really a big drama/TV person, haha). I love Noblesse, My Beautiful World and Ultimate Outcast. I love & hate how easy I get hooked with this things. LOL

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I swear you always find the manga with the most gorgeous artwork! ALL OF THESE ARE SO PRETTY!! (Well, Jigoku looks too scary for me, but still). Mitchii you do terrible things to my TBR pile haha! I’m once again saving this post for a rainy day when I’m in the mood to browse through manga haha

    Oh! Did I tell you I am caught up with Skip Beat now? I totally didn’t see that confrontation with Saena going like that! It kinda reminds me a little of Dengeki Daisy now haha!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Jigoku is a comedy though, haha. It’s a fantasy romance story so no need to fret! ;D I’m not sure if I need to apologize for ruining your TBR but I’m somewhat happy that you’re considering some. ^^ Hehe, I love pushing people to read! 😛

      Yeah, the Saena arc was pretty good. Now we know why she was so distant with Kyoko & really liked the conclusion. I think the approach was pretty realistic to me considering their mother-daughter history. I really need to reread Dengeki, like some information are slipping out of me. ^^;

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