Oh~ that time of the month again where I unabashedly share series that I’ve just read! It was very weird reading month for me. It felt like I read a gajillion worth of chapters then but the time I listed them down one were just hella long & few were rereads (I don’t list them though!): even though I still have new series I’m planning to read (maybe this October??!!) Not that I’m actually complaining, I’m shameless serial rereader! And I also ended up reading few webtoons on the side. And one of them has 400+ chapters!!! Aahhhh!!!

Bokura no Polaris


Ginen Shounen

Bokura no Polaris 「僕らのポラリス」 one tankoubon with I think 3-4 one-shots (of same author). I think the one I find memorable was the very first chapter because it was all sorts of tragic. I mean, shoujo + colorful cover = tragedy??!! See, the equation didn’t add up! It was just kind OK though. When Amaama to Inazuma is about to end I’m craving for some father + child theme series and I stumbled across Flat (Aogiri Natsu) 「シリーズ」 and it was so cute! It was about the lethargic older cousin who loved sweets & his ever cutest, responsible younger (5 years old) cousin! It was so cute how smitten the little kid was. He admired his older cousin despite his personality LOL. While Ginen Shounen (Gelatin Boy) 「ゼラチンボーイ」 has romance, slice of life and mystery elements to it. Guy can see the future through his photos! The beginning had me hooked but it fizzled out. It became predictable to me, too bad!

Hatsukoi Double Edge

My Girl

Nobara no Hanayome

Hatsukoi Double Edge 「初恋ダブルエッ」 girl who disliked guys but eventually fell (I mean come on it’s pretty obvious—it’s in the title LOL) with this guy! It has some music element to it in a Sekai no Hashikko to Anzu Jam way (more on music as plot embellishment) and not in the Fukumenkei Noise way (really musically inclined). It was OK, something predictable I guess. My Girl (by Sahara Mizu) 「マイガール (佐原 ミズ) 」 is definitely for fans of Amaama to Inazuma! See, this now 23 year old guy’s GF broke up with him. But said girlfriend moved overseas and after 5 years he heard that his ex died and she left a daughter—his daughter! It was heartwarming, light and quite refreshing series! I still love Amaama better but it satiated the hunger! Anopther older shoujo series, Nobara no Hanayome 「野ばらの花嫁」 is about a guy (a yakuza next generation boss) paid the girl’s debt and the girl became the unreluctant fiancée! Hmmm, where did I read this??! I’ve read this plot tons already but oh well, this one’s OK!

Seishun Walker

Vanitas no Carte

Watashitachi no…

Seishun Walker 「青春ウォーカー」 another anthology-esque type! I only liked the first chapter because I have huge penchant to best friends-who-fall-in-love kind of story! And this one was kinda cute! So Vanitas no Carte 「ヴァニタスの手記」is a new work of Jun Mochizuki, author of Pandora Hearts (yep, that Pandora Hearts that up until now I still haven’t read, sorry everyone who rec this to me, I’ll def try one of these days!) The reason I tried this one because I was more interested with the plot. I’m not a big fan of Alice in Wonderland (one major reason) but vampires, historical fiction??!! Sign me up! So that’s why! LOL And lastly Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan 「私たちの幸せな時間」 made me all kinds of ugly sobbing mess! Seriously I was bawling my eyes out when I finished reading this! It was too sad! TOO SAD!!! You know me I’m not an easy crier but this one, yeah it made me really emotional!

Another obsession, because I can!!

백투더 하이틴


밤을 걷는 선비

Ok, that’s bit teeny compare to other months, yeah? Here’s the reason: I read some webtoons! Some are long series. Like Noblesse 노블레스 (via Webtoon/Naver) which is a monster series composed of 400+ chapters so far! But! But! I loved each chapter! For some reason it kinda reminded me of Bleach. You know battles after battles! The vampires’ soul weapon reminded me bit of shinigami’s zanpaktou and the overall vibe is wee bit similar! Although the humor is one level above Bleach because oh my gosh, these dorks are so adorkable!!! I really enjoyed it!

Back to the Highteen 백투더 하이틴 (via Spottoon/Kakao) is also long (100+? chapters) but completed series. It’s about 28 year old woman who posed as a high school girl (she’s incredibly baby faced). The comedy is brilliant and of course I loved the romance on the side (even though it’s rare for me to like the older woman – younger man trope). But this one?! Yeah! I also finally continued and finished Windbreaker (Season 2) 윈드브레이커 (via Webtoon/Naver) So when’s the third season out??!! That freaking cliffhanger! And if anyone asking I prefer Minu, K? Jun was kinda slow so yeah! Secret Crush 비밀스러운 짝사랑(via Lezhin – ENG/KR/JP) (no cover) is so hilarious. It’s a web of messy romance and secret crushes! It’s so true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Oh my gwad! And lastly my fave!!! Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비 (via Kakao). I didn’t know it has drama and I’m now conflicted whether to watch it or not! (since watching drama is not my forte!) But I loved this! About girl posing as a guy bookseller and the man who was immortalized via curse—he’s a vampire! And maybe, maybe he’s attracted to her!!! Oh my gosh, love me some gender bender!!! <3 So many good historical webtoons I kid you not!!!

And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?