Regular / In which Mitchii just read & read & read more manga!

I’m pretty happy with my reading list for last month. It’s not completely even out because romance department still dominates my reading palate. However I got to try some good action series to balance that out—although some shoujo/josei reads aren’t exactly the lovey-dovey type. Ah, let’s get this show rolling!


Went to bookstores (dropped by two NBS branches) yesterday, and I’m quite disappointed with the evident decreased of YA selections. It had two alleys for Teens and now, only few and popular books are shelved. It’s kinda sad, I miss those days that they released new books almost regularly if not weekly. Now…?

Anyway the reason we dropped off was to try our luck if someone might slip in an early copy of Trials of Apollo. Well tough luck! Tomorrow, I say! (er, I mean today…let’s see!)


Pretty happy with my reading last April! A two pick-ups after watching series premiere. And some awesome discovery! (Second TG in the making? Oh yes please!!!)

It was my sister that made me reconsider & tried Boku no Hero Academia, and in all fairness I dig it and now following it. I also liked her favorite character Todoroki Shouto, but there’s something about the underdog, which is the MC Midoriya, that speaks to me loudly! DETROIT SMASH Y’ALL!!! Like BokuAka, Bungou Stray Dogs anime finally made me continue. I tried this before but discontinue afterwards. The anime was great & clearly a much needed push! I think it’s safe to say it is my favorite of this season! Then another seinen series, Devils Line was a great discovery! If Tokyo Ghoul has strong romance aspect this will be it! It reminded me a bit of TG, and instead of ghouls what we have here are vampires. And no, don’t raise those eyebrows yet. Vampires here don’t drink blood—at least not necessarily. But they’re provoked by the smell and sight of it making them hostile and uncontrollable. The male MC, is part of an organization that controls those vampiric episodes (who also happens to be a vampire too…or dhampir?). He saved a woman that was almost attacked by a vampire—and get this he fell in love with her!

There’s a strong romance aspect in Devils Line which I liked. There’s still this whole gray areas between human & vampires. But unlike TG, the narration was straight forward. The way vampires are kinda remind me of ghouls, with their sclera turning black (or was it red if colored?) when triggered. Really liked this one! (And Ishida and Hanada met a week ago—or so their tweet said…) #iamamangakastalkerconfirmed

If Hataraku Maou-sama becomes a shoujo this, will, be, IT!!! Goinkyo Maou no Hinichijou is about demon king who adapted human girl and now lives in the human world. Because of his existence in the mortal plane, the presence of demons increases, which makes the hero—a knight to pursue him once more! Ahaha, like Hataraku, right? This one is so funny because the Maou is a doting parent & has daughter complex. Handmade no Oujisama (no pic, sorry) on the other hand is sweet josei series about woman who was dumped by her boyfriend, told that she wasn’t good at sewing much more house work. Determined, she enrolled in a class and fell for the cute sewing instructor! So fluffy! Kimi to Yuriika is a cute new series. I didn’t like it, like it but it was OK-ish to continue!

I really liked Kudluk no Bansan but unfortunately it was discontinued. Kinda sad because I really enjoyed it and there was so much to explore. It kept me hanging: would like to know how they’ll cure her. Oh by the way, this is also a vampire series.

I love me some taishou era romance manga, so I immediately hopped into Maria no Shiro only to be disappointed with the length (so short!!!) and ending. Oujisama Game (no pic) is about the guy who wanted to play the girl but instead got played around. It already ended and I really liked it. (again too short!)

Rabukome no Baka is so hilarious!!! About a former seinen manga editor that got transferred to a shoujo magazine and needed to handle a very quirky, weird mangaka! Same as Under Hero but more bishies!!! And lastly Sangatsu wa Ore-sama ni Narimasu is another web comedy series about a girl who’s too shy to ask her crush, decided to seek the help of the school player. And no, she didn’t fall in love with the playboy (that’s too cliché) but their interactions and her real life applications of said teachings were so hilarious, border embarrassing!

And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me? 😛