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In some weird coincidence there was some sort of cohesiveness...


In some weird coincidence there was some sort of cohesiveness to the themes of the manga I read last month. Some were about brothers—step-siblings, childhood friends turned lovers, titles starting with months, etc, etc. I just find that awesomely amusing! When I was organizing this post I was like ‘what are the odds’ or ‘I’m such a simpleton, what’s so funny about this?!’ Haha, I know some of you might not get it, don’t mind me I’m just being my normal weird self. 11 But I’m back devouring shoujo /josei manga and I think it’ll continue this November as I just did some manga spree earlier and I’m planning to read those soon!

[column-third-1] 3月のライオン
[/column-third-1] [column-third-2] 4月の君、スピカ
[/column-third-2] [column-third-3] アイツとカノジョと魔法の手

3-Gatsu no Lion 「3月のライオン」 with the exemption of HQ!! I think is my favorite premiere! I’m very vocal of my love for Honey & Clover (both manga & anime) and I’m happy and pretty grateful that Shaft managed to transition the manga’s awesomeness into this beautiful animation piece! The manga itself is really good. That distinct & dialogue rich panels a trademark of the author is there. And this is what I love about it! Even though reading it feels like a lot going on, I still feel that it’s very connected and steady! 14 Now back to shoujo, 4-Gatsu no Kimi, Spica 「4月の君、スピカ。」 is the new work of Miwako Sugiyama about astronomy club turned love quadruple shoujo cliché in the span of 40 chapters (so far). Having said that, I liked that it established the real couple earlier on and the other guys play as nuisances in a sorta humorous way, instead dragging the story bcos of it. It’s very light (well it has smut so…^^;) but it wasn’t over the top. Simple I must say. Then Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te 「アイツとカノジョと魔法の手」 about a girl pursuing her dreams of becoming a hairdresser with some relationship dramas on the side. I didn’t like it that much despite the MC girl’s never-give-up attitude. Overall, this one’s OK!

[column-third-1] 3アナグラアメリ
[/column-third-1] [column-third-2] ひそひそ
[/column-third-2] [column-third-3] 一条要とは関わらない

I really didn’t like Mairunovich all that much that’s why I was so hesitant to try Anagura Amélie 「アナグラアメリ」 and you know what, I get why I was so. Even though I love MC guys falling in love first, I don’t feel anything for the guy; then feel meh for the MC girl and I didn’t see any chemistry between ‘em hence not enjoying it. I just read vol.1 and I’m sure I’m not continuing it anymore. While Hisohiso 「ひそひそ」 a slice-of-life series about unique friendship between a high school boy who find his life monotonous and the little boy who can hear voices from anything (things, animals). It turned out the guy used to be like him and now he’s kinda guiding the little boy thus the friendship. Ichijou Kaname to wa Kakawarani 「一条要とは関わらない」 has this tragic flare kind of manga; about a girl who returned to the past in order to rewrite the future. This time she must stay away from the guy she loves so he wouldn’t die in the future. Magical realism you see, and although the concept is interesting it still feel something is lacking to me. Perhaps I’m just being nitpicky.

[column-third-1] 市ノ瀬兄弟はガマンできない
[/column-third-1] [column-third-2] 神木兄弟おことわり
[/column-third-2] [column-third-3] きらめきのライオンボーイ

Ichinose Kyoudai wa Gaman Dekinai 「市ノ瀬兄弟はガマンできない」 has this distinctive dynamic between the three characters: two step-brothers and their girl neighbor. Younger brother fell in love with the girl, and if you’re guessing the older bro did too, well, not exactly. Take this he’s in love with his younger step-brother! Now, Kamiki Kyoudai Okotowari 「神木兄弟おことわり」 is another step-sibling romance. And since I read so much about this, it feels a bit too average for me. I don’t feel like picking up the vol.2 anymore. I also started following Kirameki no Lion Boy 「きらめきのライオンボーイ」 as well (from the author of Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu and Aishiteruze Baby which I highly enjoyed!). This one is so cute. And so sweet. And so cute again! Ah~ seishun~ <3

[column-third-1] 恋はつづくよどこまでも
[/column-third-1] [column-third-2] 今夜、先生の腕の中
[/column-third-2] [column-third-3] おとなりコンプレックス

So Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo 「恋はつづくよどこまでも」 new work from my favorite josei mangaka Enjouji Maki! A love story about a doctor and a nurse. The female MC decided to become a nurse after her grandmother was saved by then this cute doctor-in-training. But when they met again he wasn’t what she expected! I’m excited for the latest chapter because there’s a new hot doctor. Yes, did I say new HOT doctor!! Konya, Sensei no Ude no Naka 「今夜、先生の腕の中」 just another mediocre student-teacher love affair. I have nothing to say (I hardly remember being it too…average drama) except that the art is beautiful~ Why are some manga have gorgeous art but falling with story-telling? *sighs* One of my fave read last month was Otonari Complex 「おとなりコンプレックス」 It is about childhood/neighbor/best friend romance! But please look at the cover again! Ok, seen it? The female MC is the one wearing the pants. And the male is yes, the one wearing the skirt! The girl has boyish look and the male lead likes to cross-dress. He looked like this when he removed his make-up! I have the feeling it’s the guy who will be more aware of their very vague, super close relationship. I’m looking forward to that! 8

[column-third-1] ぴんとこな
[/column-third-1] [column-third-2] QQスイーパー
[/column-third-2] [column-third-3] クイーンズ・クオリティ

I also finally finished Pin to Kona 「ぴんとこな」 & I’m little disappointed with the ending like it was not conclusive or it felt something still undone. But I did like it! And finally, I read the first volume before (like eons ago) now I finally picked it up & finished QQ Sweeper 「QQスイーパー」. And because the prequel was so awesome, like suuuuper, I immediately dived into Queen’s Quality 「クイーンズ・クオリティ」. Oh my gosh, Kyousuke Motomo-sensei is really best with swoon worthy scenes! I ship HARD desu!!! 13

I also finished the first season of Mango’s Bone (Lezhin), pretty surprising cliffhanger! Also finished Michelin Star S3 (Lezhin). It’s not really reading more of staring at the art and guessing what the hell they were talking about (no official ENG translation). 20 Is it really time to learn Korean? (actually I already memorized the KR alphabet but unlike JP that I have at least knew few words prior to studying, I only know 10 KR words…this is tough! In the name of literary consumption!) Ah! I feel so overwhelmed after I typed this. Like wow, I obviously have no self-control!


And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?

※Volume covers represent my progress/these are the latest ones I read. Just in case you’re curious. ;D

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