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Title: Reign or Shine Author: Michelle Rowen Pages: 274 Rating:...

Title: Reign or Shine
Author: Michelle Rowen
Pages: 274

I wasn’t planning to read it, but all the books I wanted to read aren’t available yet, so I give this book a try. Glad, I did, it was fun. Not really a literary masterpiece (I never dig these kinds of books anyways) but it was great witty and light book to read; the kind of a book you like to read ‘cos you wanted to be entertained, and that is what this book did – it entertained me.

I did say it was light; it was a very fast read to me. I was engrossed in a way, but that said, somehow failed to captivate my interest completely. But it was good — really. I love the pacing of story; it was very fast but not confusing. Although the characters for me wasn’t really developed (I like that the characters, even though it has succeeding books, are already established from book one, rather holding back the character development for plot’s sake). So Nikki, Michael and the rest (although I’m very, very interested with the fairy king – Rhy) are quite weak for me (not entirely weak, somewhere in between… I guess).

There are lots elements present in this book that have been used before — aka the clichés. These are typically found in other books, so if you assess this book in an innovative way, it wouldn’t pass your standards. However, these elements were shown differently, which I find amusing, like the popular girl being the kind girl (not the shallow obsess girl); the dreamy guy isn’t exactly the perfect guy you thought he’d be (although some books have tackled this already), or the lead guy isn’t prince, mr. perfect type (he is a servant, though, if things happen differently he could be a prince — literally). Or perhaps that the demons are what exactly we envisioned it to be — horns, tails and bat like wings (the trend in YA today is that evil creatures are gorgeous — um, not exactly, and here’s some proof); even the typical fairy description (wings and all), but most importantly — what I find amusing, and different, was that the antagonist is capable of — kindness — or change. Some books always make the antagonist really bad, that the source of evil of that person is within, hence unable to redeem themselves. I like how the book portrayed the villain (Nikki’s aunt Elizabeth) in a different manner. Evil is also extrinsic in origin.

I wasn’t convince with the romance aspect though, and that’s very important to me (relationship development, not exactly the ‘romance scene’ — I couldn’t careless if it’s just kiss on the cheek as long as it is important in the relationship not because they’re urged by their raging hormones). It was fast kinda fast. First she thought Michael was stalker, then was saved from another (evil — real murderer type) stalker then quickly develops a ‘mysterious attraction’ to him. Ah, why? I hope before she wanted to kiss him (I know she is thankful for saving her life and everything but come on) she actually need to know something about him, it’s too impulsive to be quite honest. Shallow to be considered a real (with depth) emotions. :/

To wrap up, it was good interesting read. I’m diving to the second book after writing my thoughts about the book one. Watch out for it!