Fiction / reliving these classics is something I love to indulge my sense with!

Ever since I started my anime marathon (right after getting my Netflix subs & finally gotten to finish Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (), I have this serious itch to re-watch older series. I watched Akatsuki no Yona () after FMAB, then Hunter X Hunter (1999) , and just recently finished YuYu Hakusho. Right now, I’m reliving my young adult self with watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn (REBORN!), one of my all-time fave series (if you still don’t know yet).

So many reasons, but one things for sure they’re favorite—and that’s enough!

I have few new series that I want to watch but I still ended up re-watching. Even though I am here lamenting about “so many series, so little time,” dilemma. Well I gotta to do it, reasons be damn. But seriously, I think I’m just true advocate of reliving my fannish moments like this. But like my rereading habit, there are only select series that I want to re-watch. It takes tons of love from me to pick up the series again and again. But not just witnessing awesome moments that compel me to re-watch but there so many things that I associated with just re-watching series. Like I did with Honey & Clover () last April (or was it May?) and it sparked me to write this post. I immediately grabbed my phone & poured my guts. There are sorts of emotions when I’m re-watching, especially towards series I consider classics and all-time favorites.

I get this eureka moments, when it’s not only re-living but finding those tiny details.

It’s also about perfect timing. Even though I say that I love re-watching (and also re-reading), I’m not always on the mood but right now I am and it’s nice to just savor in the smallest detail—sometimes I get this eureka moment (like I mentioned on twitter how amazing of Togashi to add Toguro’s background after the tournament diminishing our empathy toward his character—to us he was Yusuke nemesis but there was actually a reason why he sold his soul for power and that was pretty nice touch of Togashi). Right now, I’m re-watching Katekyo, and goodness, I’m peak flailing for Gokudera (like 10 years ago!!) and his amazingness. I’ve realized how cool his Sistema CAI and why he deserved to be Tsuna’s right hand man (he was officially Tsuna’s first family member!!) It’s so amazing that I can still find things to love even though I’ve seen more than enough already (what is enough self?) No seriously, I’m here to relive these fantastic moments.

To indulge myself is the name of the game, I’m just reliving these classics and all-time faves!

I think that’s the reason why they’re classics! They stood the test of time. There will be new favorites but these guys will stick to me for the long haul. Sure, I’m not active as before (remembering the shrining days assaulted me with so many HAPPY emotions—my sole creative outlet back then!), now that I decade older (or two decades older for YuYu Hakusho () there also different in-take with these series as compare to my younger self. But still, the connection remained the same all this time. They aren’t favorite for no reason, and because of that, reliving these classics is something I love to indulge my sense with!!