Fiction / In which Mitchii defends both new reads and re-reading, & why we should enjoy both!

I just damn love reading! (And yes, reading purely graphic novels is still reading, I challenge you! #fightme —another post for another day!) It’s the best hobby for me! Immersing myself in the world of my favorite characters is just darn addicting!  This is probably why I gravitated so much to reading! I know that it has been a while since I opened a book—but as my monthly reading feature has attested I well damn read in every chance I have! You could always see me scouring for new reads and falling in love with it!  Or notice me again holding the same copy~ there weren’t a month that I don’t read new titles, and never do I not see myself reread some of my favorites as well! It’s just gonna happen one way or another—so this is not a battle of supremacy but rather a vicious non-regrettable cycle! LMAO

Of course, I love reading new titles/series! It just that the ‘unknown’ factor is what you could say titillates me  Plunging into something you have no clue about, learning about new things, getting acquainted with these new characters (and sometimes—OK, more often than not ships couples there!), falling in love with bits and pieces is an experience that only new reads can bring to me. Of course, it comes with uncertainty, as I said—it’s unexplored so I’ll either like/love or hate/or go meh about it! But no matter how many times I read mediocre to disturbingly boring ones, I’m not one to get easily get discouraged! So even with that I allow myself to read and gamble!

But I don’t always in the mood to wager my entertainment! Sometimes I want something awesome, right now!  I’m not in the mood for searching so my best bet is to select from my trove of favorites! It always appeases me to reread a favorite series! I have all laid out about rereading in this one, and this one, and finally with this one! So not to sound like broken record (if not already) sometimes I just want the best at the moment and rereading is guaranteed entertainment! Good thing I’m a type of person who sticks to what she loves~

So for me, as a person who always reads, it’s a toss between reading new ones and rereading favorites!  It’s always like that! I think that’s why I’ll never get tired of reading because I totally enjoy the value of both reading new and rereading old favorites! So again, it’s not a match-up where one remains on top. It should go hand in hand so we can enjoy it the most!

How about you? What do you love about reading new titles, and re-reading favorites? Do you also enjoy both? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!