Blogger / Monetary wise, I don’t get anything out of blogging and that’s fine with me.

Whether it’s money, time and effort—blogging is not as effortless as it may look like (or I claimed it to be in the past then again I’m blogging out of my own interest…more of this later). There’s lot of shenanigans going on behind the scenes I can imagine how hectic it is for established bloggers with wide readership marketing their brand/preparing their content—more so to the bloggers that make profits out of their blogs too, and for some reason I have the impression the some misunderstood their lifestyle by pursuing their passion in life and make a living out of it. The path to success isn’t easy for them, too (but if you have money to dispense I guess you’re pretty darn lucky! I hope they don’t deny their privileges though. We’re not invalidating their hard work, it’s just that the money they already have provided them huge opportunity already—a better topic for another day y’all).

But for a blogger like me the profit I got is probably just the occasional design commission I received (I don’t get as many due to my work ethic of working on one project at a time, and it got high & low these years…) but my blog isn’t design for that (no pun intended, folks). It’s not really about that, it’s why you rarely read a post about web design and development here because this blog is for my other interest. Sure, I posted once in a blue moon about it but that isn’t what I want. What I want to share is my love for reading and my blogging, occasional personal posts but mostly around those two!

Monetary wise I don’t get anything out of blogging and that’s fine with me. I love blogging in itself that’s why I’m not deterred if I have low or none readership or I don’t get any spotlight. You think I’m motivated by those, nope this is seriously my sanctuary and I love it. After kicking the thoughts of high stats or catering to following the newest trends, I found the drive I almost lost before. I was preoccupied by the thought of people leaving my blog, losing readership or social connection but know what, I realized my blog may seem like I’m just gushing out of the open—to the void, but it doesn’t sound that bad. No, it isn’t and somehow I’m at peace of thinking this space is truly my own.

All the hard work I put in this blog is already compensated by the happiness it gives me. No, I’m not being hippie happy blogger here but seriously, I’m contended where my blog is now. Sure, I mellowed down, I write just because. I have no deadlines. I have nothing pressuring me. I simply want to blog. So whether I get back the investment I put into it is not my priority, I’ll be grateful though if ever but again it was never the reason and I guess that means I’m okay with why I blog now.