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Author: A. Destiny, Rhonda Helms Series: (Flirt #2) Published: February...

 Never Too Late (Flirt #2) by A. Destiny, Rhonda Helms Author: A. Destiny, Rhonda Helms
Series: (Flirt #2)
Published: February 4th 2014
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Categories: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
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Summary: Can acting in love lead to the real thing? This standalone addition to the Flirt series is sweet, fresh, and clean.

Abbey couldn’t be more excited. The end of the school year is coming, as is the annual sophomore class renaissance faire…and the headlining theatrical performance, where Abbey will be starring as a lead. There’s only one problem: her costar, Jason Hardy.

Everyone else might think Jason is perfect, but Abbey knows the truth. She remembers what he did at the school dance, and she knows he’s a total jerk.

But during the daily rehearsals, Abbey starts to see a side to Jason she hadn’t noticed before…and he might not be as bad as she thought. Each day she’s falling for him just a little bit more, and she thinks maybe Jason feels the same.

Or maybe he’s a better actor than Abbey could have guessed.

Review: If I were to describe this book in two words, I guess nice and cute would be it. I know this book is going to be a nice and cutesy read, the blurb gave me that kind of vibe. And I guess it didn’t stir away from it. It was predictable; but all things considered, I guess I enjoyed the short entertainment it provided.

Abby landed the main role in a play. She was so happy about it until she found out who she was paired up with—Jason Hardy. He did something with her that she couldn’t forget (which I’m going to explain later how measly and juvenile it was…at least for me). Still decided, she went along but tried hard to avoid him as much as possible, until he noticed it and confronted her with it. She then told her about it and decided to call a truce. And since she was spending more time with him, the more she realized that she, too, has judged him based on the little incident before. And to make things more complicated, she was now falling for him. With the play coming along, and with her friend crushing on him, there’s so much on Abby’s plate right now.

This book reads too juvenile to me. But at the same it was refreshing moment for me considering NA and YA books I read tend to be angsty in nature. This one, is just too nice, a bit trivial even, compare to the typical Contemporary books I read. Nonetheless, it was still fun. I was really wondering what Jason did to her that earn her disgust on him. When I found out I was little shocked and laughed a little. I mean, I’ll be offended, yes, since he knew nothing about me. He was basically being presumptuous on top of maligning me from others. But I won’t hold it against him for a long time. It’s not worth harboring such negative feelings towards a person, who in return I know nothing about. But they’re kids so I let her get away with it.

I don’t remember anything memorable. Oh maybe, the almost kiss in the actual play and her confession to him was cute but that’s about it. It’s predictable in the sense that just by reading the summary you can formulate your expectation and quite surely you will hit it on the mark. That’s exactly what has happened to me. But even though it wasn’t all impressive and little childish for me (considering the target market for this, it is indeed not for me, haha) I still enjoyed it. It was nice and cute and I mean in a very positive way.

I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

Preview Quote: “Because you hated me, remember? And I realized once we started our play practice what a jerk I’d been for judging you. I thought you’d never like me, and that killed any hope of you wanting to date me. ” – Jason

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