News / the yearly throwback of my memorable moments of 2018! What’s yours?

Can you believe it? 2018 is ending in a few days. And so it’s time to reflect how the year went (for me). For starters, I think 2018 has some of the best ups and downs of recent memory (happy to say more ups) and with that I’m very thankful (even though I’ve never expected to cry this much in front of the same person while asserting myself of what I wanted). In turn, I have learned so much about myself this year. I learned to trust myself and never doubt until I try it out. I was full of anxiety last year, but this year, I tried so hard to overcome every time it creep in, and here I am, doing the best I can.

So if I were to sum up 2018 in a few words, the first words came in my mind was “baby steps.” If ever, I always want to say yes on every good chance that pass me by…and when the thoughts of “being not good enough” comes, I need to take baby steps, cautious it might sound but at least now I’m really trying. I used to feel defeated and had that sore loser mentality, I have enough of the “what ifs” in my 30+ years. So now I feel like I have to try. With all my might. And of course, with God by my side, I’m sure I’m guided to the right path. 2018 is a HUGE blessing and I’m so thankful to God for a wonderful year again! So, here’s to awesome 2019!

Best Nine Favorite Topics!

Blogging Highlights!

Re-scheduling like a PRO!!
  • There’s a small dip to my posts stats this year, that is because I reorganized my schedule and decided to minimize the number of posts per month. Thankfully I still have plenty of blog topics stored, so I don’t think I will run out of topics anytime soon. Also, my free time isn’t as open as it used to be. But that’s a very welcomed change that I’ve been mustering the courage on for years.
  • Having said that, blogging is huge part of my lifestyle so that was the reason I’ve decided to compromise. I need this outlet pretty badly. The love and passion remain strong even after eight long years! The ideas, the posts, the fun—are still there like I first started! And, I’m still see myself blogging even for many years to come. Wow, now that I said that it feels like I’m veteran blogger, I mean this humble space of mine is almost a decade old. But one thing I can say with confident, 2018 brought out the mature blogger in me. I’m bit comfortable now to share my inner personal thoughts somehow. I don’t jump into things like the 20’s me had done in the past—a testament of that is my blog donning the same design for almost two years now! It’s pretty neat and very mature of me (if I say so myself).

Stats, tops and more stuff!!!

The great re-reads happened for KHR!
  • There is also a huge improvement to my reading, if last year is the year I re-read like crazy, 2018 is definitely the year I tried so many series and almost fell in love constantly. It was difficult narrowing down the titles for my Best of Best 2018 post! I have so many contenders for that list but I need to choose my favorite. Yeah, it was so hard to choose from the awesome bunch.
  • And while there’s a big improvement with manga/webtoon reading, and def worth celebrating, I also made sacrifices in order to read as many as I could—that is my anime watching was seriously messed up.  I think it’s because nothing just grabbed my attention. And while most of the series I tried are manga adaptation, I wasn’t fully onboard with their anime counterparts—even Tokyo Ghoul:re left a bitter taste with that lackluster and plentifully butchered adaptation. But the good news is 2019 looks stellar! I have so many series I wanted to watch and I think I can easily surpass that sorry number with the amazing line-up slated for next year! I’m pretty stoked!
  • Also, I read books! Like totally read ‘em! Not something I forced upon myself…or it being part of my resolution but I just sincerely wanted to read books. I also re-read some favorites, like Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand, and one of my all-time fave YA series Soul Screamers—I miss Tod haha! It was so cool, surreal even, now I’m thinking of maybe increasing the GR challenge to a 3 or 5? Yes, like I said before, “baby steps!”

Personal Tidbits

  • I think I can say this with a smile on my face that 2018 is really good year, RL wise. One, new job! I find my new job to be challenging since there’s more development than designs. And while there are time I find it really hard, there are moments when I triumphantly made it even if it took so long to get it right. I learned a lot. The key here is to never give up, I have to try. If I can’t really do it, create Plan B! You don’t quit until you run out of options. Always think of options! And these have become my mantra and I’m glad that I have recovered my self-confidence back (I had been complacent for years). Of course, my self-confidence always a work in progress. I’m still anxious about a lot of things. But it felt it’s the right step to the right path. Like Demi Lovato said in the song “I have to believe in myself, it’s the only way.” God said no for other times ‘cos he was preparing this amazing yes for me. Job 22:27 ~ You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows.
  • Amazing thing happened to me number two this 2018 was semi-crossing one of my travel bucket-list!  I went to Japan! You know I’ve been wanting to go there so I finally did and it was AWESOME! But this is not yet done (that’s why I’m just semi-crossing it off) I want to visit few more cities of the Land of the Rising Sun. There’s Kansai Region to conquer and somewhere Northern too! But Japan is really an expensive country so gotta earn mucho dineros to make it happen (although I’m keen to do it sooner!! But it’s all in God’s time.
  • I finally made skin healthier. I’ve a reliable skincare routine! I’d been struggling with breakouts since late 2016. And 2017 was the peak! It felt like I had new pimple popping every other day and it truly dragging my almost depleting self-esteem. Now I finally found the products that works for me! Thing is it’s not that expensive and almost all available in my local drugstore. I share a bit: Wash my face with Innisfree Blueberry 5.5 with 1-2 drops of Lactacyd Lactic Acid Baby Wash. Tone it after with Thayers Witch Hazel (Rose). Apply generously of I-White Hydrating Moisturizer (super loved this one!!) Apply QuickFX Pimple Eraser (used to use it as pimple spot treatment but my face loves it as another layer of moisturizer haha) then anti-aging cream + eye cream then Vaseline Lip therapy for my lips. If I have pimple, I spot treat w/ Pond’s Acne Gel (saw it on Liya Yoo’s vid and it works!) once it dries, I sealed it with pimple patches. Twice a week I exfoliate with peeling gel, I used Muz it’s pretty gentle and my face is so soft afterwards. Love! It!
  • There was huge family conflict happened—well, I’m not really, directly affected but it was completely disheartening for it to happen.  But after few months things worked out for the best and now we have something to look forward next year! God really works in mysterious ways. It was a big hurdle but not something that we won’t overcome. Thank You God!

Prayers, Wishlists, Resolutions, & Some for 2019

The old has gone, the new is here!
  • I have the same prayers when new year comes. It’s also again simple. It does sound repetitive but those aspects are dearest to me, so I’m praying to God of the same things (and some more of course). And even though a few were already answered prayer, I still seek God’s guidance for everything. I need Him. He’s with me every step of the way so yes, prayers are powerful. Like what in Proverbs 16:9 says “in their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.
  • Feel free to read my Goals, Challenges and Resolutions for 2019 post for more.  I think the common thing with them is that I crave for improvement. I have made the baby steps, next is to continue and to foster. After doing it of course you need to be persistent and consistent. Yes, it’s already a huge thing to be able to make the first step but running in the same gears is different. It’s a work to be done with the same courage and confidence—steadily at that. That’s why I want to improve—my journal, my reading, my work, and my faith to God. I want to better myself this 2019.
  • I have travel plans next month! And yes, it’s another travel bucket-list granted! But I’ll hush-hush the fine details for now. But I’m totally excited ‘cos every time I get to travel, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to experience different place, culture and tradition. It’s really nice to travel once in a while. Thank God for this blessing again!
  • I’ll stay positive. One of the memorable learning I received this year is to see future with positive feelings. I was drowning with anxiety but I told myself to look brave, convince myself that I can do this even if it looked hard! Failures are not bad, it’s how you do after it. How you stand up after. I’m carrying that learned positive trait for next year! I felt like I metaphorically grew couple of inches after earning that positive height this year, and I want to grow taller a few more this coming year. Life is surely WIP!
  • If you have prayers, I’ll pray for it! Let’s do our best for 2019. If you struggle this year, I can assure you that prayers are great. But praying isn’t enough, we have to work hard, and with God’s guidance we can achieve those goals. Again, we can do it! say it with me, WE CAN!!
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
— 2 Corinthians 5:17