Title: Secret Lives
Author: Gabriella Poole
Series: (Darke Academy #1)
Pages: 288

For the first time I wasn’t swayed by the cover but by the summary. I was intrigue, curious. So I decided to pick it up and read it. But as I finish the book, the curiosity died and it left me really unsatisfied. Once again I read an ok book, and an ok book is… an ok book.

Cassie Bell was admitted to Darke Academy through a scholarship. She’s been living on foster care and was wishing this is an opportunity to start a new life, a better life. But as she thrust to the world of the academy, she felt suspicious and unearthly with it, especially to group of students called the Few.

One of the Few that caught her attention is the enigmatic Ranjit. But he seems too aloof towards her. Also, Richard part of the Few is interested with her and her feisty character which he thought is a breath of fresh from the prim and proper girls of the academy. But beyond the beautiful appearances of these students is a kept secret she wanted to find out. Especially when she learned that one of the students died and it was because of them… more specifically the suspect was Ranjit.

The Dark Academy series reminds me a lot of Death Beautiful but I prefer the latter than the former. I think the story in Death Beautiful is more solid than this one. The situation of these kids knows as Few wasn’t much discussed. I just know that based on the ending that they are like containers of ancient souls; it kinda reminded me of Fullmetal Alchemist anime (Season 1), where Hohenhiem and Dante’s ancient soul were moved from one body to another. But unlike the anime, the souls were merged to original owner’s soul rather than evicting it completely from the body, hence claiming it as their own. So they are still there but with added personality… I guess, from what I understand that’s how things work.

I didn’t know it was a Brit book, but then I noticed the spelling of realize with an s, I was taken aback and confused. Wow, I absolutely no idea that the book is, so after I read it, I check goodreads for more info then there I found out. The author is from Scotland, so yeah, English.

Characters are ok, Cassie is ok, typical female protagonist, one that is cut out from a classic female lead cookie dough. Also, in the ending something happened that she was almost became one of them, although it was halted on time, there’s still undeniable changes with her, and that is something the book two for. One thing I like about her though, while he was attracted with Ranjit, she wasn’t too delusional over him. You know, most of time they fell in love so hastily without too much groundwork to begin with, and please love at first sight is an awful reason as it is. It wasn’t that overly done romantic development… for now.

Also, it was kinda new that main guy was Asian; I think he’s Indian and for once, I wasn’t dwelling too much on the main male lead but rather on the story itself. I having nothing against him, in fact I’m happy he’s different from typical main lead (nationality/heritage wise) and besides he wasn’t visible in the book. He is acting too cryptic, only swooping the girl when emergency comes – that kind of guy, Mr. Enigma of some sort. But I think there’ll be more of him – and his story on the second book. It was mentioned that he is housing a very evil soul, so I was kinda intrigue with that (hopefully, the intrigue will hold on instead of dying because of unfulfilled expectations). That said, however I’m not really in to it to immediately read the second book. Maybe next time, but overall it was… nice.