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[caption id="attachment_9362" align="aligncenter" width="588"] Books trends are starting to change...
Books trends are starting to change but the slump is stubborn to rid of!

Books trends are starting to change but the slump is stubborn to rid of!

The thing I love about this year is the books are trying to move from the recent trends. Gone are those generics book covers aka girl in pretty dress plaguing the shelves. Or those books that were riding the coat tails of Hunger Games and Twilight. I think readers had grown up from it. I’m tired, you are tired, and everyone wanted something new. Something different.

And different do I get. The thing is I’m slight pissed off with myself because I have yet to completely savor these new things. I know you guys are probably relishing it now. But for now I’m quite enjoying adding books to my TBR (I know I’m quite the masochist with the number of books I need to read already) because I saw books from various genres. So many options! Lots of contemporaries, there are retellings (seriously, I think I saw three Arabian Nights retelling already), MCs of different culture (but please consider things when adapting a culture I don’t like another Stormdancer tragedy) and just lot of things that are not only about post-apocalyptic-setting-with-girl-in-the-middle-of-a-revolution. We were way passed that era already (with Mockingjay movie slated to end this year). There’s something hopeful from what I observed. 😆

Then the covers! The covers are so innovative this year. Typography! Photography. Illustrations! It has improved from that prom dresses we’ve been getting especially from the YA demographic. And I love that, somehow the covers match the plot and I love adding them. I wish to own them but there’s the problem: I have yet to read that “wow” book despite the splendid things I’ve mentioned.

I really want that superbly amazing book right now. I want to read it. I want that boost it’ll give me so I can return to Mitchii who reads one book a day or at least several in a week. So far, my motivation is fluctuating, especially if I’m put off by the last book I read then chances are it’ll be harder to pick another book again. 😛

I need that allegorically colossal book that will break my wall and crash that slump I’m still have in me, a la Attack on Titan when I became a huge otaku again. That was the turning point for me. But almost six months has already passed and I still haven’t bestowed a solid four stars! *sigh* Is this a seemingly impossible journey?

How about you? How’s your reading? (Almost hundred? I envy you, seriously.) What is that recent book that swept you off your feet? Tell me, maybe that’s the book I need! honeybee3

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