News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this September 2019!

It felt like September went by in a blur! I think there were couple of things that happened but I kinda forgot about them already. So yeah, this monthly wrap up will be missing some things as I try to recall them. In fact, I am typing this on real time (like today) because I just realized yesterday that today is the last day of the month so here I am, confessing my failings (ironic that I posted this) *hides*

For the most part, I think the month went pretty smoothly. I got to iron out stuff that I’d been dealing for the past few months (that led me to vent on twitter occasionally, yeah there was that embarrassingly) so I’m kinda pleased with that progress. Little by little we are working on it so yeah, I feel happy about that; we’re not totally in the place we want but we’re getting there albeit slowly but what is important there’s already a progress.

Blogging in September: Another round of “I’m missing one post from my schedule” gotta stop like procrastinating and iron the sched for reals!

Blogging took a toll. So I prepared the first two posts but I on-hold posting the last one I scheduled but I didn’t take into account that I will get a cold again (usually I get it like once a year so I’m sort of surprised that I got it again after a month). But weather is weird like last weekend it was so humid after days of constant rain and cold breeze! Need to boost up the immune system. I digress, but in short, I procrastinated and I just reaped what I sowed!

Reading in September: Webtoon love is here to stay! Read some brand new series and they’re love!

I didn’t get to read a lot, too. Compare to last month where I was in total glee when I was working on my reading list. But I did read and I found two new favorites. I’m still in webtoon high so I’m still reading them. I do crave some shoujo manga but every time I try, five pages in and I call quits. And I’m the type who cave in to what I like so I‘m gonna exhaust my webtoon list then I will try some of manga (I think I graduated from the cutesy shoujo manga—the typical ones like “I’m in high school gonna find me some boyfriend” like girl I had enough of that, I want some new dynamics, and flavors! and awesomely webtoons romance offers that in different enticing packages!)

이상적인 관계
  1. 1 Plus 1 (1 더하기 1은) – this reminds a bit of Cheese in the Trap with the male lead having this vague persona; just like Jung he has this bit of darker of character despite that good guy façade. I wish the girl didn’t fall that fast but still it’s pretty interesting.
  2. 4 Years Apart (네 살 차이) – I’m more of the guy is older: May-December kind of affair, but I kinda like the relationship despite being the opposite what I usually like. And the guy was pretty cute, I understand why he was sulking, had this attitude at the beginning but these blushing moments were just so endearing.
  3. I Hate Love (연애싫어) – overall it was a pretty good series. I didn’t like the old flame coming back or that new love interest interfering when the couple’s relationship wasn’t that developed yet. But yeah, it was pretty good still.
  4. Mother, I’m Sorry (맘마미안) – I love this series! It’s pretty new on naver although I found the fan translation first, I jump to naver after reading the two chapters because I can’t get enough!
  5. Other’s Romance (타인의 로맨스) – another new series from naver too! It was pretty intriguing when the devil offered the FMC to be a lead on his novel. Now she needs to act according to what the author aka the devil instructed—that is to romance the male lead!!
  6. Perfect Relationship (이상적인 관계) – the first chapter made me crave for more!! I ended up downloading another webtoon app (Buff Toon) so yeah, I marathoned the heck of it. Although there’s no clarification of what has happened in the first chapter yet; that somewhat ambiguous atmosphere between the characters got me hooked completely!
  7. Study Group (스터디그룹) – insane! Pretty insane! Insanely good! Gamin’s kicking some delinquent asses left and right. But nah it isn’t about that, what our hero here wants more than anything else is to enroll in college but the catch is, he’s not good at studying so he needs his study group!
  8. The Jinx’s Lover (징크스의 연인) – I’d been putting this on-hold for months (year??) but one night I tried it and I read it until I caught up with the latest chapter. The concept of this unknown creatures that will bless the man who she first touches with enormous luck (but misfortune awaits him when they are apart) was pretty interesting!

Life in September: Plan, plan, plan! Praying so hard for this to happen! Birthdays, Tonkatsu, and more anime to catch up!

Sneak Peek to IRL!
Sneak Peek to IRL!
  • I was pretty busy when September rolled in. It was a mixed of personal ventures and some family related ones (that I have no plans to share details yet, so…) but yeah, it’s a pretty exciting one—the thing we are planning! I pray God will allow it and bless us; I really want it to happen not just for me but to my family as well!
  • Older bro’s birthday so we went to a Japanese resto and it was a nice celebration! We love dining out, eating some delicious food and catching up with the fam! We have some nice discussion regarding the *points up* so that’s mostly what we talked about. Yeah, details under wrap just because.
  • Aw, the season’s over! Meaning some of the anime series I’d been watching are now over. I’m really gonna miss (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and (Fruits Basket). I’m excited for the movie but I wish they won’t let us wait that long for the second season. I can’t believe I both doubted the animation studios because of their promotional art! But they were both pretty good series all in all! (Dr. Stone) and (Fire Force) is still continuing so I still have something to watch aside from my new list but I’m gonna talk about these two additional below!
  • I finished couple of anime series this month too! I fell in love hard with (Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuite Iru) I didn’t expect to be this emotionally invested but I was! Damn Production IG really know their way in to sports anime! I also finished (Gakuen Babysitters) and (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii) ! I’m still not sure what to marathon next…maybe Kimetsu again (‘cos sepanx is real!!)

Looking Forward to October: Birthday month, yo! Blogging for nine years and hitting the double three’s!

Let's celebrate good times!
Let’s celebrate good times!
  • Birthday month! For me and my blog! I’m not sure what to do on my birthday but I will just gonna play it by ear. I’m not really into big celebration so maybe some nice dinner? I really don’t know haha. Well for my blog, I am cooking some posts for my blog anniversary! I’m hitting my ninth year! Guys, N-I-N-E!! That’s how long I’ve been blogging religiously! Yes, I started blogging earlier than that but this one remains consistently loved through the years! I’m excited for next year, I’m excited to hit the 1-0!!
  • I’m actually finished with my two commissions (with one just few minor details to do) so I have time to do some online projects (which I’ve been hinting these past few months?) I’m not gonna touch my blog yet but this one project, I’m excited to do it! I’ve been planning the details and such. I usually just do it kind of person when it comes to designs. But I strive for complete satisfaction so I won’t back to redesigning on a whim again (then again, I have too little time for that now) but yeah totally giddy about it!
  • Fall anime! I only plan to watch (My Hero Academia) and (Psycho-Pass) then my two summer leftovers. Nothing really sparks, yes not even (Kono Oto Tomare). If I didn’t say it enough, I hated the anime! It was so bad— the animation, the pacing…just no! Sorry, I know hard work was poured in despite my complaints but I just didn’t like. I don’t want to upset myself so I’m gonna pass this one!
  • Praying hard for something. I really pray for it to happen. I think the entire fam will be really happy if it does push through. So praying it, it’s in God hands!
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