News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this September.

Somewhat busy and pretty nice September has happened. It is a vast improvement from August (although last month was pretty OK too regardless). But I can’t believe that TV shows are doing Christmas countdown + on our way back from church last Sunday I saw a house already has their Christmas lights lit! Holidays are just around the corner people! Seriously, why are days flying so, so fast. I can barely keep up with the fast freaking pace that is my life!

Blogging in September: it was sunshine & rainbows!

Blogging is fine and dandy for September; just like months before, everything’s prepped up so I don’t have to worry getting behind schedule. October surely will follow suit. As said in my last month’s recap, I have November all lined up. With December full of regular features, I think I can actually say that blogging will run smoothly for the rest of the year; hopefully I didn’t jinx myself there Banzai productivity!

Now, that I got it out of my chest, here’s the usual rundown of what I’ve blogged this September: I am shoujo manga lover therefore I adore reading these rabu-rabu types of stories.  Here I confessed how fanatic I am! Also, I shared  how I find my next reads. It’s not painstakingly hard but to choose when to read is what’s hard to figure out (hmm, it’s a nice topic! Next time.) Bucket list everyone? Me I don’t have one and I tell you the reason why! With my blogging running so smoothly I shared my philosophy on how I finding the time to do what I love—that is  blogging! And lastly, as a stubborn, selfish, immature human being that I admitted that I don’t care what people think of my choice of entertainment!  Juvenile? Puhleese, I don’t just care-eh-eh-eeh~!!

Life in September: anxiety, age & all the same stuff!

  • I think my age is finally showing! And it’ll remind me of that again in October because, well birthday month and all! As per usual my anxiety is acting up again and some health issues I’m struggling about. No biggie, just me on my way to grandmahood!  LMAO! I should definitely care for my health more (than I already have—I’m hypochondriac y’know!).
  • It was my kuya (big brother) birthday went out with the entire fam, eating Chinese food and done the usuals. Haha, me and my brother are like yeah, we freaking ancient now. Stop reminding of my age!!!  Geez!
  • I also finished a commission work! And I need some more (you know I’m fattening that travel fund for well, my traveling!) So I was thinking of referral incentives? Like 30-40% off (all packages except the cheapest one). Maybe I should do it formally? I suck at campaigning/marketing stuff (I just love doing designs; designing + development makes me happy) so yeah, I should think about this very carefully (and Taiwan is now officially VISA free! so YAAASSSS~! if Japan won’t happen, we could go here instead?)
  • I read a lot of webtoons but not so much manga. Also all my summer anime is ending (ended mostly)! But when there’s an ending, there’s always a beginning! Yep, yep, yep!! Fall anime will officially starts next week, series I’ll be watching are: 食戟のソーマ 餐ノ皿, ブラッククローバー, *Just Because! , 3月のライオン 2ndシーズン, *銀魂. 2017 (if this is replay/recap maybe I’ll pass but if it’s new arc then yes!) and 魔法使いの嫁. And below are the series I read this September! [*] it’s a maybe for me so I may or may not continue after the first two eps.

1. 아쿠아맨 (Aquaman) – it’s college comedy, slice of life with romance drama going on! LOL I was rooting the male MC with his girl best pal…but it turned out different (hopefully my basic Korean knowledge didn’t fail me from understanding that dialogue!) Like what??!!

2. 영원의 주인 (Forever Mine) – I read this before but I stopped bcos I caught up with the latest chapter. But it’s been a while so I got to chance to marathon & oh boy love, love, love!

3. 아가씨와 우렁총각 (The Lady and Her Butler) – I freaking adore this series! Like yes please more! Too bad it’s a pretty new series so it doesn’t have many chapters yet! I freaking have my eyes set on updates!

4. 순정 바로미터 (Love Barometer) – Lezhin has promo so I kinda cave in so I ended up reading this. I love Sansa’s other work, The Origin of Love. But it was an ok-ish college romance drama!

5. 망고의 뼈 (Mango’s Bone) – I stopped when season 1 ended but I when checked it out again the series is over, so I marathoned it and yep, my OTP ended up together! YASSS!

6. 나의 남자사람친구 (My Male Friend) – I love this, like LOVE! You know how much I love best friends turn lovers stories! So um, Kyung Hoon, boy, someone (and by someone—he’s a suave good looking salary man) is infatuated with Ara! Boy, you have problems!

7. 비밀스러운 짝사랑 (Secret Crush) – finally got to finish it! So, so cute and funny!

8. 사랑의 기원 (The Origin of Love) – it’s modern day retelling of princess & the frog! Guy turns to frog due to an experiment and the girl’s kiss let him return to normal. Pretty nice!

9. 純血+彼氏 (Junketsu + Kareshi) – I still had a hangover from my urban-fantasy/vampire marathon last August! So there you go, I indulged!

10. シェア キス ラブ ~男子三人、女子お一人様~ (Share Kiss Love – Danshi San-nin, Joshi Ohitorisama) – eeep cute shoujo manga, newest work from Sugiyama-sensei!

11. 月の沈むまで (Tsuki no Shizumu Made) – I thought before it was a BL series but walah~! Gender bender! I kinda want to know more about emperor but *pouts* it ended prematurely.

  • Also V ROUTE!!! V ROUTE! I tweeted mostly about playing #mysme on twitter and dayum it was so emotionally draining! It’s like seven times painful than Seven’s route! Like gahhh~!!! Cheritz why do dis?! I ended replaying Jumin’s afterwards because I want some fluff back in my life! Yeah, I’m so happy! And like the other fans I humbly request Cheritz for a Saeran route! Like gimme!!! I thirst for Saeran/Unknown/Ray route!

Looking forward to October: milestones and all the jazz…hopefully!

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A sneak peek of my October sched!!!
  • October! Birthdays! Celebrations! Milestones! And just another month towards the holidays! I don’t have that much expectation for this month. I’ve learned that if I don’t have anything I totally, totally want to do, things just happen naturally + I become more productive. Oh btw, I’ll be celebrating my 7th year of blogging! Wowza, that long already!
  • Well, I hope the groove will get better and better…ooops I said I don’t have expectations! But I pray that the things will get better! I mean, this month is very nice one but constant prayer is every constant in my life so I’m for praying for a better or continuous blessing! God will provide.
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. — Mark 11:24 NIV