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"When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame"

This ain’t gonna be accessible to public by the time I post it since I’m still working on my blog design (I coded this thing at the last minute so yeah, one of my worst traits, procrastinator!) but I don’t want to skip or merge it even with my October wrap-up (like I did the last time I redesign!) but for archives purposes it’s here!

Since it won’t be on spotlight, I try to keep from typing incessantly! 🤞 Ah, the blog title & sub-titles are from Frank Sinatra’s “September Song”

So that is what went down! Of course, there’s no blogging highlight because I really didn’t do anything blogging as I was on a break! So, I’m gonna skip that part & go straight to my reading. And as usual I read a damn lot!

Reading in September! I unconsciously selected series with predetermined themes! It was kind of amazing!

Dangerous New Employee
He’s not that dangerous employee…

There was incredible reading month to me! I mentioned this on twitter but for some freak coincidence I read series w/ eerily similar themes back to back! Honest to goodness, it wasn’t intentional, I ended up reading them ‘cos they’re on my TBR! Lately I became not so picky with reads—which is good for my TBR—so I just picked whatever I fancied based on the summary! And wa-lah~ here they are!

  1. | Boku ni Hana no Melancholymanga I fell instantly with mangaka-san’s new series, Sentimetal Kiss (which as of speaking has less than 10 chapters out, what a bummer). This has been on my TBR for the longest time, glad to have finally crossed it off my list!
  2. 위험한 신입사원 | Dangerous New Employeewebtoon the not-so new & youngest employee thought she finally can get rid of the burden of being one after new hire came in. But things didn’t go as she thought—it turned out the new guy is related to the big boss! And what supposed to be mentor-trainee relationship, he treated like the rest of employees! So enough is enough for her, she gonna straighten this guy into hard-working man!
  3. 린지 앤 린지안 | Duke’s Servantwebtoon it took about 20 chapters or so before the interest kicked in! One of the gender-bender series I read which coincidentally concealed her gender ‘cos she was spying—yes, the same as Valentine’s Kiss (more of this later!)
  4. 메디컬 환생 | Medical Returnwebtoon hands down the fave of the month! I love me some medical drama & has been awhile since I am all over a medical series like Saijou no Mei! From the same author of Queen of Scalpel! A surgeon went back and tried his luck of redoing things that led his ill-fated previous life! Armed with future medical knowledge he is now about to be hailed as one of the genius doctors of his generation! Superb!
  5. 매의검 | Sword of the Falconwebtoon Mediterranean/Middle Eastern inspired story of the Raja who fell in love with wandering musician who turned out to be a leader of warrior tribe! So much politics but enough swoon moments between the Raja and the woman he loved to get by!
  6. 사내 맞선 | The Office Blind Datewebtoon ah~ another office romance and just pure fun! The woman was hired by her friend to meet her arranged marriage partner. She wanted to make the man turned the down the marriage but the opposite happened—he became more interested on her! Also, guuuuys! It’s gonna be a k-drama. I’m curious who’ll play Tae-Mu!
  7. 그녀, 비밀의 군주 | The Secret Queenwebtoon like Sword of Falcon, also inspired in Mediterranean/Middle Eastern setting. She was abducted and was put into a harem! She wanted nothing to do with it and want to escape from it but as much as she tried to keep her presence on the low, this interestingly caught the deputy king’s interest!
  8. 발렌타인 키스 | Valentine’s Kisswebtoon same as Duke’s Servant, she also concealed her identity to spy on the knight’s commander in hope to get information about the vaccine! And well, like the title above they fell in love, like duh!
  9. 우리 집에 왜 왔니 | Who Invited Youwebtoon inter-racial romance that was so cute and bubbly! It was interesting to see little details about the difference in cultures, especially between East Asians (he was Chinese, while the girl was Korean)! It was sweet romance, plain fluff and I liked it!

Life in September: the light at the end of the tunnel! A less stressful month and my skin was very thankful of it!

Too Busy to do month's setup!
Too Busy to do month’s setup!
  • September was least stressful; this was according to my skin! I was breaking out horribly for the past few months but I think there was improvement! I tweaked my skin care routine a bit but still very basic & now things actually calm down 🤞 so yes, hopefully this is the start! I wouldn’t mind the PIH (it’s always the reason why I sometimes insert new products only to break me out!) I just let it fade in time! Besides, no one can see me anyways & if I left home, I’m donning a mask so there is that!
  • I’m still working on my design and by the looks of it, I think I’ll get to finish it by mid to last week of October! Yes, what a bummer, I should’ve started much earlier but life and moods just got in the way! Anyway, I’m picking the pace faster than my normal one so I can finish it on time, or at least, within the month of October! *hides*

Looking forward to October: birthday month, new anime season and will I get to finish my design on time? I’ll just have to pick up the pace!

  • Birthday month! Anniversary month! And new season of anime! First, birthday! hitting the mid-30s & feels surreal! Like, feelin’ super grandma vibes now! Of course, no dine out just us dinner at home w/ the fam! Well, aside from birthday I have some adulting stuff to finish (the RL responsibilities just make me winna go back to uni days where all I ever worry is just grades!) but no one can escape adulting, life is built that way! No refunds, just go with the flow!
  • Secondly, my blogging anniversary!! Like I said earlier, I think I have to push the blog post a little later next month. I procrastinated heavily for the past few months. And my over confident self thought I have all the time in world! Unlike before that my screen time was less, I mostly working on front of the screen so my eyes just so damn tired during the weekdays to even work on it! So, doubling hours during weekends but even with that amount of work, I still have to admit that it may take time some time, still! Hopefully it is still October when I unveil and share my anniv post!
  • And lastly, new anime season! I still have Fire Force as left over but honestly; I’m just watching it out pf obligation! It really lost steam on me & if things continue like this, I might eventually drop it forever! But let’s put aside the negative, on bright side I’m super looking forward to these titles! Noblesse!! I pumped even though I barely understand TGoH because of pacing! But Noblesse had weird ass pacing so I’m curious on how they work on it! Of course, Haikyuu!! I can’t still not over w/ the manga ending just recently at least I have this! And finally, Jujutsu Kaisen! I already saw the first ep and I was really impressed! If this continue, I might start reading the manga, let’s see!
Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven —Psalm 107:28-30
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