News / In which Mitchii rambles the quick low down of what has rolled down this September! Blog, life & whatnots!

Posting my monthly wrap-up a little earlier than usual means I have jam-packed month ahead! October meant celebrations! Even though I’m one of those who rarely celebrates but there’s something about making a day special that’s worthwhile doing. With birthday month *coughs* 1 my blog anniversary month ahead I decided to write an extra post(s?) sans one I already scheduled; and so October is as I said pretty packed. Ok, let’s start capping what’s happened this September—an improvement from very lethargic August!

Blog Headliners!

I managed to stick to my sched, and posted what needed to be posted! Ah~ I’m quite satisfied with my my blogging routine. I just have to remember the dates and wa-lah! Post them! *tee hee*


One. As usual I started the month by recapping what I read for the last month (August)! If you noticed I’m now starting reading different genre. I guess I maxed out my shoujo & josei reads and now testing waters on different demographics/genre! 16 I think next installment is a good reflection of that. Speaking of shoujo, by extension romance, Two. I also tackled about my tendency of falling too hard for second love interest. It happened too much that I needed to speak about it! The suffering is real but the return (if happens) is rewarding! As promised Three. I wrote another great rec post and this time webtoons! Have you guys tried any of these titles? I hope you do because you’re missing out if you haven’t!

Summer has wrapped up and so were the anime I was watching. And part of my blog’s tradition, Four. I shared my final impression of the shows I watched. Some hits and lots of misses but overall it was still good run! And lastly, I finally pulled my guts and admitted why, despite my glaring lack of skills Five. chose English as my blogging language! I may sound awkward but I still chose it!

Other fandoms, passion, RL & whatnots:

  • I think my very own post sparked my motivation to read more webtoons. And oh boy did try some! 대박I finally finished some of the series I’ve tried before and for some that that are still continuing I hit the dead end with not yet translated chapters!!! I’m this close, so close on wanting to learn Korean. There are also so many series that I’m so, so want read (like this!) but no official or even unofficial translations yet! Ah the dilemma!!! 3
  • One night I tried making my own tumblr theme and I did it! You know my tumblr portfolio, yep that one! It’s a temporary because I want to do a responsive tumblr theme. And I also bought a domain for it, so yeah welcome! 21

Looking forward to—

  • Of course my blog anniversary! I’ll be officially blogging for six years! 7 5Like what???!!! I’ve been wreaking havoc and sharing awkward thoughts on the webs for more than half decade now! Time flies so fast. I’m still happy running my blog despite the amount of changes & indecisions I’ve encountered (and will encounter)! This is such fun hobby!
  • My mom’s, also mine and sister-in-law’s birthday! It’s like every week in the month there’s someone celebrating. I finally hit that age! Ugh, I’m conflicted whether to post that silly, emo-littered post or what! Haha, oh well! Let’s see, let’ see!
  • I’m planning on attending Animax Carnival, if this pushes through this will be my ‘official’ anime convention. I was never really into it (being uncomfortable with crowd) but the line-up/activities sound fun. Our conventions are more, I don’t know, cosplay centric so it never appealed to me. The one I accidentally checked out was full of cosplayers and yeah, that’s not my thing. I’ve nothing against cosplaying (just to clarify!) personally just don’t have interest with it! Hopefully this one has activities caters to anime/manga fans in general.
  • And Autumn line-up! Yep, we have Haikyuu!! (Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa match!), the second season of Bungou Stray Dogs, 3-gatsu no Lion & Watashi ga Motete Dousunda! Fingers crossed that the new series I will try in this list are also good!
  • Bible Verse of the Month: Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! –  Psalm 107:1

And that’s it! That’s what had rolled down this September so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was September?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!