Title: Shadow Kiss
Author: Richelle Mead
Series: (Vampire Academy #3)
Pages: 443

Did I already mention how difficult it is to write a summary from a series that you continuously reading? I did? Ok, so yeah so hard. Sometimes I already sound redundant, ‘coz there’s a chance that I already said what I’ll say. There. So because I like pushing myself to the limits of my, well, limits. I’ll still going to do it until book 6. Yes, thank goodness only six books.

Rose is still struggling with a lot of things, like her undying crush, er, love— according to her, for Dimitri. It might be mutual but he doesn’t want to make a move, their age and priorities will get in their way. Also, it seems Mason’s death isn’t the last she’ll see him, he’s been hunting her and he had message to her. And her training as a guardian doesn’t go easy for her as well. When they were asked to do a field exercise, instead of having Lissa, she end up with Christian, and she loathes the guy. But it wasn’t as bad as she thought it’ll be, Christian isn’t half bad. He also helped her when a group of strigoi attacked the academy. Although they managed to defeat them, they still lost lives, morois and guardians, and for Rose, she lost the most important person in her life — Dimitri. No, he didn’t die, but it’ll be better if he did, because death is a better fate than to be a strigoi.

See, I told you Mason will be back, in a ghostly form. I still find it vague on the details of Rose’s situation as shadow-kissed, probably the reason why Mason is still around. And still helping her, even in death, poor guy. But since it’s still early, only the third book, so I’ll guess I’ll be patient and will wait. Thankfully, it didn’t completely hold the information, and good thing little pieces of information are still there. Just like how Rose compares her and Lissa to Vladimir and Anna’s relationship. But I hope that she will not end just like her, because that will sucks big time (but I don’t think it’ll be).

While everyone’s favorite boy is Adrian, mine is Christian. I really like this guy, minus Lissa because that’s the only time I didn’t like him. I really, um, not hate, at least I’m pretty sure that me disliking her isn’t in that level… not yet anyway. But if she continues to be a freaking damsel in distress that may likely happen. Anyways, Lissa reminds me of Euphemia from Code Geass, someone with a very weak personality but people grovel over her, and handing her responsibility, I mean why? It’s just weird for me. I hate how she pleaded to Rose at the end of the book three. Didn’t she know how hard it is for Rose to do it? How huge it is for her to come up with that decision, and yet she wanted to stop her… for her. If you don’t call that selfish I don’t know what. And Rose is right, she always think about her, her safety, her happiness, how about Rose? What kind of a friend is she? All she asked is to support her and she still didn’t.

I digress, as I was saying about Christian. I like him (sans her girlfriend). In fairness to him, he actually know Rose better than Lissa, considering she is the best friend (and I’m not saying this because my personal vendetta towards her). There’s this time when they talked about Rose failed to protect him, he didn’t judge her even though he can hold that incident against her — but he didn’t. It’s nice. It’s a very cute moment. One that I really like in this book. And no, I’m not shipping them; I like them together, but as in together, together? No, I’m still Dimitri’s fan. And because I like comparing manga and books, let’s say I have found someone who has the same personality as him in that manga world. Um , Natsume from GakuAri. Christian’s element is fire, just like Natsume and the personality, wow, perfect. As alike as two peas in a pod. Well, that’s just me.

With Rose personality, I know the time she’ll lose her virginity will be a matter of time but damn I still thought it’s still early. Where all the restrain, dude? I guess, since Mead is planning to make Dimitri all strigoi and thus, leaving Rose behind, what better way to leave her than with a-night-to-remember. But still, it’s just… just.

I’m still not wearing my ‘I love Adrian’ shirt. And I don’t think that will ever come. I like the guy, he’s cool even with the limited sober moment and countless smoking, he’s actually ok. But him and Rose, I still don’t see it. He flirts, she, in a flirty way dismissing him, and rumors flying about them (even the queen knows it) I still don’t know how it evolved into love. He is interested on her in every aspect, I guess, but still, for me, that isn’t enough; their interaction isn’t enough to convince me there are sparks flying between them. But we’ll see, I’m still open for a change of heart. But I still think Dimitri and Rose is a good pair.

The ending of this book is my fave yet, it was conclusive but will lured you to read book four immediately. Because I did, that’s what happened to me. Now questions for book four, now that Dimitri is a strigoi, he’s immortal. Isn’t that more conflicting than the age and responsibility to be with Rose? And Rose, she left the academy, what will happen to her? All these questions, one way to find out, book four — Blood Promise, here I go!