Title: She’s So Dead to Us
Author: Kieran Scott
Series: (He’s So/She’s So Trilogy #1)
Published: May 25th 2010 by Simon & Schuster

My first impression? Honestly? Typical high school antics mix with family drama. I’m not expecting a lot so I’m super surprised to enjoy the book this much. I freaking love it! Who cares if the story sounds familiar! The important thing it was super good. Once I’m done I wanted to read the second book already, that’s how much I’m hooked.

The book has two povs, one from Ally Ryan and one from Jake Graydon. I both love their characters. Ally is a bit different. She was rich before then her dad embezzled her friend’s money. Because of that, she and her mom moved away. But after a few months they returned, she wanted a clean start but it seemed to be difficult because her friends still blamed her dad for their families’ bankruptcy. But if ‘cresties’ didn’t like her the ‘norm’ welcomed her to their group. So maybe she can still enjoy her high school life in the company of people who likes her as her, not of what she owns. But things isn’t easy because these cresties still there, making things hard for her. And worst, she’s falling in love with one of them—Jake. The person who has what she used to have. A person who didn’t know about what happened two years ago – or did he?

Ally is such a nice, refreshing character. Despite everything that happened to her (I mean if I were in her shoes I would never come back to that place. I don’t have the guts to show myself after that huge humiliation!) But she isn’t a chicken like me, she is brave. I like how headstrong she is, and knows how to back up herself. Who said that only the rich kids know how to enjoy, she now experienced both world. And she can fit in with both, because she isn’t one dimensional character. Even when she was rich (based on her story) she did things I normally wouldn’t expect rich kids will do. She’s athletic; I can’t believe she’s so good with basketball, not trying to be feminist here or anything. But I have an impression that they probably enjoy more feminine sports like cheerleading. But she acts… different. I don’t know, I really can’t wrap my head around it (in a good way), but she’s unique, very refreshing. I really like her.

One thing I know about Jake’s life, it is all about appearances. It’s hard, peer pressure an all that. He likes Ally but he can’t because of what people will say. I like him but I want him to work hard to get Ally. I know Ally like him too but after what happened, I want Ally to torment him a bit. I like him, but he still doesn’t have enough balls to deserve her. And for the first I am team “Ally” here! If he likes her, be a man for crap’s sake!

I so wanted a new guy. Like I said, I like Jake but I want someone who’ll teach Jake how to treat a girl (and give him a bit of a challenge). I actually like David. If his character had given more exposure (well, there’s still a second, and third book *crosses fingers*), I think he has potential (heartthrob potential, and as Jessie J song – it’s not about the money, money money!). Oooooh, I’m so excited.

I knew it when I held the book, and read the summary there’s something about it that gravitates me to it. Hypnotizing me to read it. So there you go. I’m so reading the second book! Because really? The cliffhanger? I wanted to know already!