Fiction / Shipper remains a shipper regardless of the genre or demographics.

Sometimes shipper remains a shipper regardless of the genre or demographics. Case in point? Me! There are plenty of times that I ship pairings in a series where the romance is not really its priority…or there’s none at all. But somehow it doesn’t deter me from rooting the couple, because I know chemistry when I see one so what else can I do? I just indulge to shipper’s impulses. The craving I tell you, is hard to deny.

It’s not like these series—OK, let’s name it already shonen and seinen series—have lack of romantic sub-plot. Some have it, too. Not as “” moments like shoujo series because to swoon hearts of girls like me isn’t the top agenda of these series, rather something else like action, characters development, those sorts. What I like about shounen series, they build up the character. They develop these personas, to fit the narrative, which make them more appealing to me, actually. Despite confessing numerous times how I love romance genre by extension shoujo series, I’m all for stories of lesser focus on love aspect, that’s why if you inspect my bookshelf, 70% are shonen series (no, not kidding here) because they’re the ones the stick to me for the long haul.

But I’m a shipper so sometimes that instinct to ship kicks in. In Haikyuu!!, yes that beloved volleyball series, I ship Hinata and Yachi. They’re so adorable.  I love their platonic, comraderie as much as I hope for more. But for now I’m happy they’re in one team doing all their best to achieve their goals. I’m still holding on those promise by Furudate-sensei’s about considering some “romantic” hints.

But shonen series tend to be so looong. But I’m happy to say that a lot of times those emotional shipping investments are worth it from the start (regardless how long I’ve waited). Naruto and Hinata? Yes, yes, yes! Ichigo and Orihime of Bleach? Yessery! I see potentials and I ship it. And this is so masochist of me to say but those little subtle romantic hints gives me joy than I should have. I still remember how I swooned (touched) over Orihime’s line in 237: Goodbye, Halycon Days (Volume 27)

“I wish I could have five lives! Then I could have been born in five different towns,
and eaten five lifetime’s worth of food, and had five different careers…and fallen in love with the same person…five times”

My heart crushed when Orihime left. She was told to say farewell to only one person, she had many people she wanted to say goodbye with but she chose Ichigo. That scene until now burns in my memory like it was yesterday when it’s already more than decade ago. See, moments like this was so important my memory keep in my long-term memory (not my house keys no…LOL) *coughs* The abundance of romantic plot or the lack of thereof will never hinder me to enjoy a good love story.  In this point, not the demographic or genre.

So for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s shonen, seinen series. Or it has 1% romance in it, I mean I ship Gintoki and Tsukuyo from Gintama and that series hardly treated itself seriously. But I just ship them because they giving me all these kilig, these warmy fuzzy feelings! So I’d say, you see it, you ship it! Don’t let those labels bother you. It sure didn’t do anything to me. Just ship those OTPs like a true-blue girl-boss!