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Let’s do an experimental entry. I’ll do multiple reviews –...

Let’s do an experimental entry. I’ll do multiple reviews – short reviews. I’m a fast reader and I don’t like to stop, so the result, my reviews are tend to pile up. Even an ok book deserved something to say – at least some positive that is.

Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis
I kinda like the book, and definitely fall in my ‘ok books.’ Not bad but, of course not that good (if it is then I shouldn’t rate as it is, right?). Sarcasm aside, the mind reading thing is not actually new. Maybe the way they called it “whisper” might lead you to think that there’s more supernatural than what it is. Well, tough luck that’s all there is, just mind reading, nothing more. I kind like the Wave thing though, where Jamie (Joy’s love interest) absorbs people’s emotion on him… or I think it was. Sorry, it didn’t left a great impact on me to remember that technicalities of this book. Either ways, it was entertaining in some sort, and while I did say the term “love interest” romance isn’t the book’s focal point. I wasn’t actually that disappointed, but the story is just so-so.

Almost to Die For by Tate Hallway
Surprisingly I like this book. The witches versus the vampires are somehow new to me. So I find the idea innovative. The vampires here are a bit different from ones I’ve read so far, as the witches minus the pointy hat, the magic wand, the rhyming chant, oh wait there is that, well it is ok. I like Ana in most part, infuriating at some point but tolerable. She is a funny girl, and I like how she tells the story. I like the two guys as well, Elias, the vampire guy. So, um, I am in for team Elias, haha. Seriously, the book is a refreshing read, it wasn’t really that heavy driven book nor it is an overly romantic you want to puke your heart out. Just a perfect blend of romance and urban fantasy that obviously work for me.

Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble
(Why named it book of love, there’s nothing romantic in this book – at least in my standard there isn’t). So another 3 stars and another ok book. I am more disappointed in this book than Whisper, but it has redeeming points. I like Anastasia’s story and the witch. It’s like Angel with an alternating pov. There are a lot of times where I find the story dragging and totally boring. My sister even felt sleepy reading his (she didn’t finish this one) but I still find some interesting events, so yeah, that actually pumped up some interest to continue. The characters are ok, the romantic development between the two characters is really rushed, there’s no foundation, and I felt that it was put because it needed to be there. A reminisce of Nora and Patch but in a less annoying way.

Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus
My sister brought this one in exchange of Catching Fire she lent to her officemate. I was… seriously? a children’s book? So I was playing around with my sister telling her I’m gonna read her a bedtime story but I was surprised to actually enjoy it. The illustrations are cute. You know this book is one of those deceiving type – the story might be simple but there’s a punch of reality to it. So that’s the reason that I like it. Every ending is also a new beginning.

Look how cute Stripe and Yellow, aaaaw~

I’m going to a separate entries for The Replacement, Sleepless and of course the Iron Queen, because I feel that I’ll rant like there’s no tomorrow especially the last one – why Meghan why??!!

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