But first, an introduction!

Hi, and welcome to Shoujo Fanfare: Rainyink Love Month Special!In four weeks I will (try to) showcase my obsession with shoujo (and josei) manga. If you are fan of these reads, hopefully you’ll find my silly quirks and quips mildly entertaining. And for those who haven’t try it, then I hope by the end of the month I give you enough nudges to pick a shoujo title and read it!

As my opening salvo I’ll give you a fangirl’s sad attempt of persuasion. I said before that my all-time faves manga series always lean towards the action/adventure genre. I love me some boys fighting with all their might achieving their pubertal goals. But when it comes down to it, shoujo manga is where all the feels come. Well, I do have all kinds of emotions when I read shounen or seinen series but nothing can make me a girlish ball of messy feels than these teen romances—often silly but equally adorable shoujo manga. And to urge you further I’ll give you five reasons why I read shoujo manga (and why I enjoy reading them!). 😳

❶ Dammit with all those youthful feels~
  • As kids these days described people of my age, “I’m a grandma,” so reading these invigorate me somehow. It’s nice to read fun naïve teen stories. I tend to like shoujo series that are more light and funny than serious & overly dramatic. It does make one feel young. So after a read and really liked it, it always put a silly smile on my face & affects my mood in the process. So yeah, it’s rejuvenating in some ways.
❷ Oh you know, the B-O-Y-S~!!!! ❤
  • I’m trash to my boys! Like all the sexy male in suits (in josei) and angsty, volatile high school boys tangled in their complicated young love lives (in shoujo) are easy entertainment for me. Swooning over these boys give me enough dosage of endorphin to last a day. These guys who sometimes the bane of my existence for being hard headed and dishonest trying to be all manly and stuff but actually have the hearts as soft as a teddy bear for their lady loves. Aaaah~ these boys are just amusing! (as they are infuriating but still amusing.)
❸ There’s always an OTP in the making.
  • I ship hard, right? I said it before. I said it so many times. I ship! Even the smallest fraction of romance in the story when I see couple shippable and pass my very easy standards then I ship it! What more in a series that it very much romance concentrated. Of course Mitchii will do all the captain duties, carrying heart embroidered flag & waiving it like a mad lady because shoujo manga allows me to be the hard shipper that I am! 😎
❹ These views of love are highly entertaining!
  • Ah love. Young love to be exact. I had never experience that. I was once called stone-hearted girl because I was too busy with my 2D boys to lust over real ones. But!!! I am actually a hopeless romantic. I love watching romance. I love reading books with romance (as you all know). And sometimes it is very uplifting to see a couples stand against odds & make it through. Even though cynical side of me doubts, being optimistic about it is ain’t bad. Not at all. Love is a strong emotion it should be showcased & celebrated! 🙂
❺ But it’s not all about love: there’s family, friendship, and other stuff too!
  • Sure most of them are romantically inclined but it’s not all about it. There are things that I enjoyed: the friendship! The family! (Among others.) And those things are true in life. Yes, fiction is not real life and it isn’t always an accurate portrayal but positive outweighs the skepticism. Nothing wrong to project life in beautiful form especially in fiction! Yes?!

Stay tuned for more! Every Sunday/Monday I’ll do special feature under Shoujo Fanfare. Yep, the entire month of February I’ll be relentlessly prodding you left and right as to why I read shoujo/josei series! It’s gonna be love fest here—the shoujo manga way! Huzzah~!

So folks, floor is now yours! Do you read shoujo (or josei)? Are your reasons same as mine. And for those who aren’t, did this stir something in you? Are you willing pick a shoujo/josei manga and read?! I hope you do. *pokes* 😉