It’s going to be boys, boys and some more BOYS!!! in this third installment of Shoujo Fanfare.

Hello, this is Shoujo Fanfare, Rainyink’s Love Month Special Feature! In four weeks I will (try to) showcase my obsession with shoujo (and josei) manga. If you are fan of these reads, hopefully you’ll find my silly quirks and quips mildly entertaining. And for those who haven’t try it, then I hope by the end of the month I give you enough nudges to pick a shoujo title and read it!

When I was choosing the boys that I will feature for this post, it was kinda stressful because the maximum number I set was no more than ten. I have so many boys to choose from. So many options! And to narrow it down to that number wasn’t seemed plausible. But I decided to choose from the manga series that “I’m presently reading” or “Currently in Publication.” It did make matters easier. If you don’t know yet I’m serial shoujo/josei reader than I am with shounen/seinen hence this event (in reverse I watched more shounen series than I do with shoujo—random tidbit about me). *coughs*

These boys make my heart flutter. They play with my feelings(—most of the time heroines). The feelings they invoke upon me are so raw. I love them! Then sometimes I hate them. But most of the time they make me feel in love. Ah, such in the life shoujo manga addict.

rinFushimi, Rin Watashi no Ookami-kun – The fox in disguise (as in literally). I have a huge second-guy syndrome: where I tend to fall in love with second guy most of the time. And this is very true this time. Rin is the second male lead & probably that type of guy who silently loves the heroine. Rin is a friend of the lead guy (Ookami , yep titular. It doesn’t get more obvious than that). Yet, I still ship him with, longing for the special small moments with them together. I have thing for this type of guy.

Random Trivia: Rin is an all-rounder—meaning he’s good at studying. As in all subjects!

shouFuwa, ShouSkip Beat! – Yes, another second lead but he’s a jerk. But he’s my jerk so I don’t care. He was the bastard that threw Kyouko off the sideline, which eventually made Kyouko enter show business. But revenge is sweet this time around. He never could’ve thought that the silly, naïve girl he thought was dispensable was actually high-rated actress in the making. Well, it might be too late for him, but Sho & Kyouko’s interaction is always hilarious that I can’t help but fell in love with him. I preferred Ren for Kyouko. But I liked Shou than Ren. (There I said it).

Random Trivia: He takes a bath twice a day: one in the morning & one in the evening for 15-20 minutes. He loves custard pudding & but detests sweet omelet.

hakSon, HakAkatsuki no Yona – Everybody’s favorite guy. With his skills as a warrior he can defend you easily. But alas his heart is already taken—by the very woman he vowed to protect at all cost, Yona-hime. But we all ship the two, right? We all hope that the two of them get together (I mean officially). We all see how determined he is to fulfill that promise to the late king. The former general of the wind tribe is certainly a beast in fights but definitely a softie when it comes his lady love.

Random Trivia: According to Hak’s wiki page: he was initially going to be named ‘Soron’. Later changed it because of how similar it sounds with Soo-Won’s name. (Aren’t we glad that Kusanagi-sensei did?)

kaiIchinose, KaiHatsu * Haru – was reformed playboy who fell madly in love with this girl—who was also in love with someone else. Like I told you before I have huge thing for male leads that fall in love first. And Kai is a perfect example of that. Harboring secret feelings for her whilst supporting her with her one-side love with—take note their teacher! Yeah, it was one hell of a ride but he persisted and so *winks* it got quite good nowadays for him.

Random Trivia: He can create lovely apple bunnies. He’s very talented!

matsunMatsunaga, TomoyaNijiiro Days – Like Kai, he was a playboy who was swept over by loud, man-hater girl. Even though he’s always the recipient of sarcastic remarks from her, he sees her more than that. And actually found out why she became like that. And in times of trouble he rescues/supports albeit to her dismay. But I think he’s getting through her very hard exterior! Atta boy!

Random Trivia: Not good at studying but he can get by when situations needs to.

ryuuNanami, RyuuTotsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu – He’s famous announcer/host. He’s attractive, hardworking and smart. If girls want him as long term partner, then he might be not be the right man because he is unable to commit—he doesn’t like to get married. Problem is he fell in love with a woman who does. Will Ryuu change his mind for her? Oh, the story is so exciting.

Random Trivia: Ryuu name’s in kanji is 「竜」 which means dragon. And according to Chinese zodiac, Dragons are confident, intelligent… which I think Ryuu is.

soutaNanami, SoutaOuji-sama ni wa Doku ga Aru – this two-facet boy is in love with his childhood friend. His friend knows him as this sweet, cute boy who acts defenseless. But that’s not true at all, he’s actually tough and because he doesn’t want to severe ties with her, he still acts like a child. But little did the girl friend know that he’s shielding her from potential suitors. Oh he’s serious face is to die for!

Random Trivia: He loves Rizu-chan’s (the childhood friend) omurice or omelet rice. But hates broccoli!

tobaToba, YuumaTsubasa to Hotaru – charming varsity player who was too keen with their team’s manager (the heroine). He actually found her actions amusing until he found himself falling for her. Even though he’s very much aware that she’s in love with someone else! I know I fell for the second guy again. But he’s more supportive than the male lead. Can you really blame me if I root for him instead?

Random Trivia: Very observant guy. He tend to observe people and their habits, pondering motives behind it.

tsubakiTsubaki, HaruKoi Dano Ai Dano – if there’s award for consistency than I’ll gladly hand it to him. He’s in love with his best friend. That very same best friend who he found annoying at the beginning. But once he got himself entangled with her antics he saw himself enjoying her company—and later totally fell for her! But the biggest problem was the best friend didn’t see herself as a love interest for anyone, most especially him! Oh yeah, the struggle was real!

Random Trivia: His name is Haru (lit. spring) but he was born in autumn. According to him, boys in his family are super rare. So when he was born it was like the start of spring for them—hence the name!

So there you have it!My 2D darlings! How about you? Are you like me irrefutably infatuated? Who are they? I’m not snatching your beaus (or maybe…)! Care to share it with me.

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