[I was a little MIA with the blog that was because I was cooking something new for weeks now but then it dawned on me that it’s now October (and I didn’t even get to do a monthly recap for September; epic fail, self, epic fail!).] 😥

But it’s October, unbelievably so, and this month always reminds me of number—age. My mom’s birthday, my sister -in-law, ME, and then my blog. In a way I should give this milestone a bit of importance as I’m now officially blogging for five years! Yes, half a decade ago I brave the current; installed was for me then a mind boggling CMS—WordPress—and wrote my thoughts on books I read. Ah, good times, people, good times. It was quite an achievement for me if I say so myself.

This is one of the things I’m proud of myself: I blog continuously. And I’m happy regardless of how little my success is. The reason I started was for me. I want an outlet. I want a space of mine where I can write my awkward opinions on things. I want some literary catharsis. I’m quite delighted and thankful that I pushed myself before even with my ever present doubts whenever I’m venturing into something new. It’s fun to learn new things. Continually learn new things! 😉 Every time I hit publish and add another ramblings to my repertoire, it makes me happy!

Now, this blog changed directions last August. I didn’t see that as a hiccup, I saw it as an opportunity to expand. And to change. And change isn’t a bad thing. I’m aware that this sudden decision of mine gave some reason for people to leave. But as I said before, it’s for me! I’m happy with the changes I made, contended even and in the future regardless whether the move I’ll make is strategic or not, I wouldn’t dwell too much on it! I’m pleased! I’m satisfied! And this is what I love about my own style of blogging!

So yeah, I’m not hosting a big bash because that ain’t my style y’all, but I want to do something special (that’s all I’m capable of). I might post some things that are, well special? Or personal? (because it also happens to be my birth month too; how’s that for double celebration?!). You’ll see, you’ll see! 😎

In the lyrics of Walk the Moon’s popular song: SHUTUP & DANCE WITH ME!!!© *throws confetti* 436030xch815ytiq