Title: Sing Me to Sleep
Author: Angela Morrison
Published: March 4th 2010 by Razorbill

Where should I start? This book is one hell of an emotional ride for me. I laughed, I cringed, I smiled and I cried. And oh boy did I cry, I bawled like a baby. It never happened to me. I tear a little that’s all but this book wrenched my heart. It’s about loving your self. It’s about family, friends, music, love and most of all it’s about life. I so love this book!

I didn’t expect this book to be this beautiful. I didn’t expect at the end I’ll cry. But man, it pulled out the cry baby in me, the poignant part of me. I’m emotionally attached not only with the characters but the story itself. It was simple, it was nice, and it was true. I felt the author’s emotion pouring in this book, because it made its way to my heart.

Oh gosh, I’m being so emotional, forgive me. I have a very different expectation of the story. While I do get something right off the bat, it was delivered differently. I thought it’s about a girl who isn’t gifted physically but with overflowing talent. I thought it’s about embracing what you are despite your flaws. I thought it’s about music. I thought it’s about people loving for who you are. It was. It really was. But it’s more, it’s better than I could’ve imagined. I’m super glad that it shattered my pre-notions of the book, because what I have in my head was just a plain story. I didn’t expect it to have a soul. I’m glad I didn’t read any reviews because I don’t think I’ll enjoy it as much as I did if I knew what story will be.

I did say it was an emotional ride. I’m in my highest to my lowest. After a few pages in I could feel that I’m about to give a perfect rating. But the middle part came in, and was hesitant if it deserves it. I didn’t like how Beth and Derek’s relationship had formed. It was so desperate, too rushed. Beth was so clingy, and I’m not sure if I’ll accept it knowing it was a whole new experience for her and as much as possible she want to hold on it tightly (although IMO it was suffocating and on the brink of breaking). But once I found out about Derek’s situation and I kinda feel ok with it. Especially now she knows the truth. I already have my suspicions, from him shoving Beth to Scott, him saying things like it was final, and Beth’s physical observation of him. It only led me to one conclusion. But oh man, it still gave me the surprise of my life. Having a hunch, and proving it… it hurts. It was a sad point in the story. I had a heavy feeling inside my chest and I know I’ll end up with a tear or two gushing out.

My favorite part was when Beth sang her song, the one Derek made for her. When she finally fills his music with her words… the right, true words. Truth to be told, when I read the lyrics it didn’t have music, but it still left a great deal of impact on me. It was beautiful if you put everything in perspective. I hope if I read it again, there’ll be music (but if it does I think I’ll be more emotional than I already am). I love that it is full of life and heart.

I don’t think there’ll be a better title—“Sing me to Sleep” it rings so true. It was perfect, it hits home, and it captivated the full essence of the story. The story opened my eyes—that some people live their life despite everything. It made me appreciate mine more. I hope you guys will read it. It’s a wonderful story of life and music. But I do hope you have a tissue nearby because this one will lead you to tears.