I can’t run this blog without the wonderful help of the interwebs! From tutorial to free resources & freebies! So I think it is necessary to give my utmost appreciation to these awesomest sites! Thank you! For this blog, below are accumulated resources that I’ve used (and some still are using) over the years:

Blog theme!

I decided to splurge me another design makeover for the rebrand! I wanted a mature and very minimal but with splash of fun (and by fun, I meant pink!) Theme launched: July, 2017!

As usual, huge shout-outs for these awesome, awesome sites that helped me mold this theme: a grid system used in some parts of this theme was from responsive grid system (because I’m too lazy to calculate the right dimensions). The sidebar avatar is a commission work illustrated by @dapithaponn. The stock photo in my about me is from styledstock. While the confetti and geometric background are downloaded from vecteezy, again re-purposed to fit my blog’s style! Fonts used are: Frontage Outline, Cormorant Garamond, Arial, Montserrat, and Open Sans. The font for the logo is Wilderness. Icons are from iconstore and animated icons from icons8. While the category icons, the dot style page navigation, and the search page came from codrops! And I think that’s about it! Thanks a bunch! Theme design by ME~!!!

I’m amazingly hosted by! Thank you so much for housing my beloved blog! Muchos gracias! <3


This site is a personal blog. The books I received before came from publishers, authors, etc. have no monetary profits. (as of 2016, I don’t do book reviews anymore, see my policies)

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