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Let me talk about Haikyuu! by Haruichi Furudate and why...


Let me talk about Haikyuu! by Haruichi Furudate and why this series is an awesome sports manga.

I have fair share of fun with sports animanga like Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21 and Prince of Tennis. I did like Kuroku no Basket so I might as well included this one. But I wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness that is Haikyuu! and the adorable, I’m-so-rooting-this-guy protagonist, Hinata Shouyo. I remember asking my sister which series should I start (choices between Kurobasu and Haikyuu) and she was possessive with KnB she said I should start Haikyuu! I didn’t listen to her because I’m stubborn that way. I regretted it a bit since I ended up loving Haikyuu! so much. What do you know, I hate this sport but this series made me love it.

Ok, not playing volleyball any time soon…pretty much almost never. But this series has so many things going on that always makes stick around to sports series. The protagonist determination to learn. Sena, Sakuragi they all want to improve themselves but what makes Hinata different is her sincere passion for it. Not that the others weren’t but his innocent, childlike determination makes me root for him to win, to be the best. I really like how genuine his character is. Like my sister and I discussed, it’s so hard to hate Hinata because what he shows is what he really feels. He’s really sincere and I totally that about him.

I also love the emphasis on teamwork. In volleyball, you can only touch the ball once so every player inside has the chance. You cannot carry the burden alone which is why I liked the integration of Kageyama and what he represents to this whole thing at the beginning. In a way, him being part of the team made him realized how teamwork looks like and how he should trust his teammates. And I liked his dynamic with Hinata (the baby of the group!), of course.

There’s so many thing to love about Haikyuu! And I’m glad that I try this one out. I’ve been seeing lots of fun gifs circulating around tumblr and boost the drive I needed to start it. Oh my gosh, I’m happy that I caved in. One my favorite sports manga/anime to date.

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