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Author: Beth Kephart Published: July 19th 2012 Publisher:  Philomel Categories:...

Author: Beth Kephart
Published: July 19th 2012
Publisher:  Philomel
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

When it comes to contemporary books, I like it best when it is written in direct to the point narrative. I’m not totally against lyrical style (I love it from time to time), and sometimes the best way to convey a message is through this method. It could be hunting, deep, more emotional than plainly describing the emotion of the characters. But there’s something about this kind of book that ironically hindering me from fully grasping the emotion that book wanted from me (or what I think want from me). It’s also thwarting me from understanding every part of the book. And because of that, the story becomes fragmented instead of me seeing it as a whole.

Eighteen-year-old Kenzie is grieving over her dad’s death. The person who was always by her side during this dark time was her boyfriend, Kevin. She got pregnant and she has to do this all on her own because Kevin will attend Yale that year and her mother doesn’t approve. But she really wants to keep her baby. So her mother decided to send her off to Spain. She will live there while she’s pregnant and once the baby is born, the baby will be adopted by Spanish couple named Javier and Adair. But her experience in Spain is not just for her child because the people around her have also a story that will help her decided what she really wanted for her life.

I admit when I decided to read this book I know nothing about it (except the synopsis). I haven’t read anything from author before this. I didn’t check any reviews as well. So reading this and found out the style the book was written really caught me off guard. And not really in a good way. But instead of stopping, I was miraculously interested to know more of Kenzie’s story. I’m quite intrigued, will she really give it up or will she stand up for herself. I just have to know.

But everything up to the end is bit vague for comfort. But I do know it’s a happy ending. Or I think it was.

One of the surprises of this book was Estela. I never thought to like her story, too. Her story was really…well, surprising. I liked how she helped Kenzie sorted it out.

It was nice, a little wobbly because I didn’t like the flow of the story. But if I extract all those things I did not like about it what left are very beautiful messages.

“because I never really thought I’d have another chance at family. It’s what I mean, you see? Life’s like that. You lose and you get and you take it. Brilliant.”

“Sometimes, with a camcorder, you record motion. Sometimes you try to stop it. Slow it down, find the shadows, know what lies between.”

I don’t know if I’m picking another book like this. This is my second one and compare to my first book this is clearer and definitely more enjoyable. But still not a fan. :3

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