Personal / In the tune of 'So Long, Farewell" I finally bid goodbye to all of my fanlistings!

With my new domain also came with major decision! I’ve finally decided to quit the fanlisting business. After 10+ years I say adieu! If you don’t know what fanlisting is, the concept is pretty easy—build a small site dedicated to a subject and let people or precisely the fans to join! I fell in love with the fanlisting in the late 2000s. I found a group of awesome web designers and anime + manga fans alike! It was a blast. But we, like the entire internet scene changed. As you y’all know I moved on to blogging, which I see myself keeping it for a long time as long as I have an opinion to share I’ll probably still be blogging!

But fanlisting lost its steam to me. The only reason I was keeping it was nostalgia but in reality I really didn’t have that strong attachment with the subjects like I used to before. Fortunately there were people who happily oblige on keeping them. While the fierce passion is long gone, I still don’t want it to be completely forgotten.

The new fanlisting rules are also hard to keep up, and you think that I’m easily updated, but no, I still get overwhelmed with my unread inboxes all the time.  It’s like one problem after the other that kept piling up and the little me just found it difficult to comply anymore. So a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right?

But I could say, it’s one hobby that was worth investing my time with! Creating so many fanlisting allowed me to hone my web design + development skills. Sure, I do know how create web pages by time I dive in to this hobby but it further polished my basic skills and with that I always have fond and insightful memories with my short fanlisting gig! But the most important was the community. It was so vibrant, and fellow fans—chatting with them were always fun. I’m glad that I’m still in contact with some of them (via twitter, some IG). More than the websites, the camaraderie was very unforgettable! I wish it is as active like before…but some needs to move on.

Alas, time to sum up—fanlistings, you’ll be forever part of my internet journey! But I need to step down; I ain’t no worthy of keeping them up even for a simple reason like nostalgia! That said I’m happy that I stumbled across it which also led me to many wonderful & beautiful things—like blogging! Yeah, so long and thanks for all the fish!

— Credits: The image banner used in this post is from ashleycreatesthings. Thank you very much!