Ah, I’m so relieved when I read the latest chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin. I already had this nagging feeling that he’s going to be ok, and he’s not going to die. I don’t think Isayama is that harsh (despite the countless deaths that already occurred in the series. I mean, I’m still heartbroken over the former Levi Squad.), besides, he’s too freaking, not popular per se, but kinda important that I have this gut feeling that he prepared something ‘special’ for him in the future.

Ok, I’m now under the cut, so I might as well name him, so Jean is still alive. *wipes sweat* Like I said I knew he wasn’t going to depart this early (hopefully not ever). But the twist was something I didn’t foresee. But in expense of Jean’s safety was Armin’s sanity. The boy has experienced so many things…many more in the future, that guarantee (they do are living in a bleak, bleak world).

My sweet, fragile Armin, now starting to think the changes, his morale, and how their survival is taunting him to do things that even he didn’t expect him to do; I didn’t expect him to do. And speaking of, I think Armin in the manga is much more developed than in the anime. When I read the manga, I saw some subtle changes the animators did to his character. So I’m glad Isayama-sensei is taking his sweet time building him up.

Anyway, I’m glad their moving forward albeit slow but I’m happy that they’re near to where Krista and Eren are. I’m ready to see them kicking titan’s naked asses. It’s been a while but I do understand where the story is going through at the moment. There’s so many internal conflict that needed to be resolved first.

And finally, can we pause for a moment to capture that panel where we saw Levi half-naked… *pauses dramatically* thank you.