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Author: Gemma Halliday Series: (Deadly Cool #2) Published: April 24th...

Author: Gemma Halliday
Series: (Deadly Cool #2)
Published: April 24th 2012 by HarperTeen

Is there a next book after this? Because I’m really, really afraid that it’ll become repetitive. And I’m scared that I might get tired of the same routine. And not even the humor will save it.

Tweeting while swimming? Deadly.

Thank goodness for the humor and the characters because if weren’t for these two I’ll find Social Suicide completely the same as Deadly Cool. So like the last time, there’s another dead student. Official news was that Sydney committed suicide. But Hartley knew better, she knew there’s something fishy with her death. And she will find out the truth.

I liked Deadly Cool better. It’s funnier and…well, it is funnier. This book was fun but wasn’t the same as the first. Didn’t have the same level of fun-ness (if that’s a word). I find the entire murder case tad predictable. I knew who killed Sydney, and I was just eager to finish it because I just wanted to know if I’m right. Guess what? I was right. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Did it make it less exciting for me? Yes, sadly yes. I was also a bit disappointed that it moved around stirring away from the real suspect (of course I know that it was necessary if she found who it was then that will immediately end the story). But what I didn’t like was it was obvious that Jenna, Connor, Quinn and Nicky were a diversion—and not even a good one. It’s so clear they weren’t the one. Plus, the murder was so convenient. There’s no one at her house when the murder happened. No one saw him came in/out of her house. It’s like the story gave him an alibi. But that aside, what bugs me the most is that they even considered suicide. Suicide by jumping in the pool with your laptop on? Really? If I were the officers I will cross out that angle and go with accidental death (it could’ve been, why isn’t impossible?) or homicide. And like the first book, the crime was unplanned. I saw lot of loopholes with this crime. *Sigh*

Then again the book is not the serious type. I’m just the one who made it complicated. It’s all about the fun, so it’s ok. I guess, that was ok.  And I think I just watched a lot of Meitantei Conan.

Enough whining, so for the good parts: what I loved about this book is the characters’ knack to entertain its readers. I was so amused with Hart and Sam. Their tandem was just great. So funny. Chase and Kyle are now starting to warm up on me. I liked that Chase wasn’t those typically portrayed high school hottie (he is a hottie) he got spunk, he got character. Not another face to fawn. And what made it more interesting that Chase and Hartley’s relationship is moving in an acceptable pace. I’m a fan of slow development. This, I forgot to mention earlier was also the things that hold me to the story.

Overall, it was ok. Kinda lost the appeal…a bit. Yeah, that was it. 🙁

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