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It was an interesting first MIBF (34th Manila International Book...

It was an interesting first MIBF (34th Manila International Book Fair) for me. I was under the weather both figuratively and literally that day. But I don’t want to skip it and wait another year so I decided to go along with my plan. When my sister and I arrived (like late afternoon) there were tons of people. So my tip for those who want to attend next time be sure to grab yourself free tickets you don’t want to be held back because of the long line of registration. If you have ticket you’ll immediately ushered inside. And the inside is like a giant bookstore.

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There are many participants on MIBF, some of them I know and some of them I haven’t even heard of. But it was cool to be exposed in different kinds of books from local to international. Of course the reason I went here is to find rare gems. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to bring home books that I wanted. It was probably already brought by someone or it wasn’t even there (so I guess TBD is the only solution). I did find the book I want but when I about to pay for it there was like a long line and I’m just buying one. I just don’t have the patience to wait (since like I told you earlier I’m not really feeling well that day) I decided to leave it and check other booths.

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What caught my attention was Precious Heart’s booth. Aside from having such a huge one they also have book signing as well. I did know the authors but I decided not to since I just arrived and I was still feeling the environment a bit. When I returned the signing was over and since I don’t do the crying-over-spilled-milk I’ve decided to check their stuff and lo and behold I saw interesting things: Tagalized books! Harry Potter, Fifty Shades and Beautiful Disaster and others. I was really curious on how they translated it because I tried their Harlequin Mills & Boon and I wasn’t impressed (they tried to concise it and sort of affected the flow of the story). But I think they are the same length of the original so I’m guessing it is better than the ones I read. They also have graphic novels and children books! Didn’t know that PHR is such a large company.

I also saw Bookware Publishing and they are kinda like PHR and they have tons of on sale pocketbooks and I love reading these for fun so I grabbed a bunch and the lady was so nice to have some of my book signed by the authors who were present in the event. They were so nice! Thanks.

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You wouldn’t miss National Bookstore they’re in the middle and almost the same size of a regular store. Yep, that huge. But there were so many people and books were scattered all around. I kept on bumping to other people so I decided next time I’ll go on a weekday and in the morning. I think the shelves are still organized and since it is work day there are few people. Both NBS and Fullybooked were on 20% off. Oh and I loved Fullybooked’s booth, I love the publisher logo on top of the shelves. Oh and the selection of books too. 😉

Even though it wasn’t what I expected it was still fun for me. I was super tired that day so when I saw it was raining outside we decided to call a cab and head home. Once I arrived I took a nap. Yep, that’s how tired I was but then again it was fun!

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