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Ok, so I decided and post something about my trip...

Ok, so I decided and post something about my trip to Australia last summer (summer here in the Philippines is April to May. And we only have two seasons: wet and dry season). It’s my first ever trip outside of the Philippines. And yes, my first to ride an airplane. Actually I have motion sickness, I hate travelling that’s why I always have medicine with me when I travel. But some odd reason, I didn’t get sick at all. In fact, I was so fascinated and I even look down to see those tiny islands of my country. Another thing, my fear of heights suddenly vanished. I guess the excitement covered up the fear.


We have three hour layover in Malaysia and I must say their airport is so huge and super pretty. I really hope our government will do their plans to renovate ours because it is undeniably incomparable. It’s embarrassing to compare, actually.


So yeah, our destination is Melbourne. We stayed there for two months and got to meet my sister’s family. There’s really a big difference from Manila. It was the clean air, clean surrounding, the culture and the people. It’s nice to have that here as well. I really like their discipline. I hope we have that too.


My sister toured us around Victoria. So we went to city (Melbourne) and some place within Victoria. Got to see the Kangaroos and Koalas and I even got my picture taken with them (which cost us $25…very pricey, haha).


I also learned a bit about their history when we went to Sovereign Hill in Balarat. It’s just so amazing, a little dusty but really fun tour. There are people wearing old clothes and some did a reenactment. I even got to see how to make gold.  My mom tried getting some but failed. I only watched I don’t want my hands to get dirty. My sister took to us some places as well, like riding a vintage train. And yes, more zoos. I love how Australia tries to preserve their wildlife. I hope we are assertive like them *calling our government’s attention*

In book related. Gosh, books there are quite expensive like $15 to $20 (Australian dollars). And it’s not even hardback. So my sister just bought us like 3 books. I was the one who stop her from buying us more because I can buy two brand new books here in the Philippines at the price of one there. Most books have their own edition and some are UK (which understandably so). But you know what I got on sale? A new e-reader! My sister bought me a Kobo. I have never thought I’ll have those expensive e-ink ones. I mean, I have an e-reader but it was an LCD type. I have yet find stores that sell e-readers except the HMR. But yay! I have this pretty. Thanks again sis.

It was a very educating and fun vacation. I’m happy that we got the chance to go there. It feels like a second home there. 😉

PS: The title is the hashtag I used in my instagram to all photos related to my trip. 😀

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