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Oh you guys, remember this fangush last year? Well, Catching...

Untitled-1Oh you guys, remember this fangush last year? Well, Catching Fire is so much better. I think Francis Lawrence did an amazing job. I loved how he managed to put them all together without rushing the scenes too much or felt disconnected. I can tell you that they remained very, very faithful to the material. Of course they needed to omit some scenes but I think all the things they decided to put in there were necessary for all viewers and not just the fans of the books to understand.

Jennifer did amazing acting chops here. Well, what will I expect from an award winning actress? Nothing but the best. I actually questioning myself on why did I doubt the actor selection before? I don’t think any actress can deliver those gritty, raw emotions Katniss has. So mad hats off to her and the entire cast (even Liam, although I wasn’t a Gale fan to begin with). Ah Peeta, Josh you, too, did great job. He delivered the fragile, kind boy with the bread with his amazing acting. My minor complaint is that his eyes have no contacts. Peeta’s eyes are blue, one thing I always remember about him was his eyes. And he didn’t have one here. Did he wear contacts on HG? I don’t remember but nevertheless it would be perfect if they remained true to what he’s visually looked like. Aside from that everything is ok.

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Let’s get into details; this is somewhat spoilery so read with caution. Like I mentioned above, it is very faithful to the original material. So much that they managed to successfully cramp it in 2 hours and 26 minutes. Yep, that long. We watched it 9:30 in the evening last night and the movie ended almost 12 midnight. We got our mom worried about us ‘cos we got home pretty late. I digress, so everything was there like I was saying earlier. We got to see Katniss and Peeta done the Victory tour. Peeta’s promise to Rue and Thresh’s family and of course the parade. I love, love the costume, it is more elegant and flamboyant than the ones I imagined in my head. I liked How Katniss looked fierce and the way she glanced at President Snow, that simple act there  means so much. Oh and Cinna scene, can’t get that out of my head. So raw!!


Johanna or the actress Jena Malone did a stellar job. She nailed Johanna like it was really made for her. I liked her attitude. I’m glad they did the elevator thing and of course her fiery attitude when they were in the arena. Girl, you did amazing, hats off again.


Sam Claflin, Mr. Fiinnick Odair, I was waiting for you and you came in later half of the movie. I’m really not sure about him first, though he’s undoubtedly good looking, Finnick in my head is much younger looking than him. Nevertheless he also did great. I loved his rapport with Mags (Lynn Cohen). Oh Mags almost made me teary eyed last night. I know it was going to happen but it still made me so sad.


Oh the ending? It was spot on, like how it really supposed to end. But what gave me goose bumps (aside from Jennifer’s awesome acting at the end, yes, I just need to add that) was the mockingjay pin. You know how the pin evolves, I saw it animated at the very last bit before the credits roll: from Hunger Games to Catching Fire to spreading its wings, breaking the barrier and preparing to fly like a true Mockingjay. So yes, super excited for the next movies! They are already filming and with how this movie was done, the next final films promise nothing but amazing!

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