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Hey guys, in celebration of ‘Buwan ng Wika’ (needless to...

Hey guys, in celebration of ‘Buwan ng Wika’ (needless to say I should be posting this in Filipino then I realized that half of my readers are English speakers so I decided to type this in English so everyone can understand. ;)) August is the month of my country’s official language which is Filipino. I decided to share a little bit of the current trends here.

eng-fil-1First topic would be: Would you read English Books translated in Filipino?

English is one of our official languages. It is use as medium of instruction in schools. Some even have great command of the language. Sadly I’m not part of the group even with my age (I’m on my 20’s) I’m still learning. But learning is life long process. Oops sorry, I digress, the great thing about being a bookworm here particularly if you’re anticipating western books it is easily available since we can read the book as it is. You probably notice that some authors feature country editions of their books, I often see Japanese and other European countries. Here we follow the American Edition; sometimes bookstores offer other edition like UK but most of the time it is US. We rarely need translated books since we understand English. I may not be fluent in English but reading is different experience than writing. We are also very much expose to American culture that we can easily adapt it on our reading. So no problem, right?

So why did Precious Hearts (if you don’t know Precious Hearts Romances is Philippines pioneer pub house when it comes to romance novels. Sort of like Harlequin in the States) need to translate this popular books?


Well, I’m not entirely sure but given my history with reading, I guess it broadens the demographic. I don’t like reading English books before. But I admit that I read these PHR pocketbooks when I was in high school. And as to why? It is easy for me to understand. It’s not that I can’t comprehend English before but it was easy back then to read books in Filipino. Now that they chose to publish popular books such as Hunger Games and Twilight, it widens the reader’s selection. They can now read books in different genre. For me, I still find English to be intimidating so maybe others feel that too. So I think it’s a great opportunity to introduce these books to Filipino readers who want to read in Filipino.

I have yet to read any Filipino translated books (but I did read the original English version of it) but I’m willing to try. They are way cheaper, my last check it will only cost less than Php 150.00 (that’s half the price of the US books). Hopefully the translation is good.

Now that PHR is publishing young adult books, I hope that one day they will open their doors to Filipino writers who want to write in this genre. I’m sure that there are many talented Filipinos who have imaginative minds that are now crafting amazing stories inside their heads and only waiting for that break. I hope…one day.

To those who are interested, these books are available I guess in all National Bookstore branches but look them at the PHR shelf (where the romance pocketbooks are located). You can also purchase them online at preciousshop.com.ph. Please be advised that it has shipping fee, prices are available at their site.

So what do you guys think? Is it a good move? If given a chance will you read it?

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