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*Cue in Rihanna’s We Found Love* I told you guys...

*Cue in Rihanna’s We Found Love* I told you guys that I didn’t like audiobook. But it looks like I speak too soon. I was in an awful mood last week and my eyes were tired although I’m still not sleepy. I decided to try out an audiobook. The novel, Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I said in my review I liked it enough and found it entertaining, though I didn’t love it. But hearing the story (which was 11 and 26 minutes [according to audible] so I had to divide  it to two hours per night, so it took me like a week to finish) it kinda changed my mind on the entire story. I guess when I tried audiobook before the narrator didn’t grab me. Not to mention the length of the book didn’t look appealing. But when I tried this time, I just saw myself continuing it and really enjoying Travis’s story.

I’m buying a copy of Walking Disaster. I read the book first as an e-galley. Now I’m itching to read in it print! Image © Me!

I take back what I said in my review. I now understand Travis’s Maddox all thanks to this format. I still found it weird after hearing the entire story—a story I’m very familiar already, changed the ball game for me. I guess all I need is the right title to reintroduce me in this format.

What I noticed is that the narration was slow, which I think is understable since the narrator needs to enunciate every word. The emotions were tamed down, like when Travis was shouting, it wasn’t the shout the way I imagined it to be when I read the book. But then again, if he did shout not only it’ll strain his voice (man, look at the length, look at it!) it’s going to shatter my eardrum to pieces. So I get that, but it kinda pulled back the emotional impact for me. But like I said I understand why.

I would have liked if the voices changes. It’s weird hearing Abby and America (or the entire female cast) in Travis girlish voice. But this is first POV so I guess that’s the reason why he was the one doing all the work. I saw before, I’m not sure which novel, that they hired celebrities to narrate the audiobook, and there were three of them. I’m really not sure how the audiobook works. Maybe it’s different depends on how to publisher wanted to handle the material.

I do not hate audiobook. At least not anymore. But I think I’ll be only listening to the novels I’ve already read so I wouldn’t be frustrated discounting it. Anyways, it opened a door for me. One I gladly entered.

How about you? Have you tried audiobook? How’s the experience? I would love to know what you think! :happy:

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