I know that I have stack upon stack of books to read. And now that I finally organized my ARCs (I’m actually good ‘til November. It’s embarrassing to know that I have that plenty of books to read and eventually need to review) it makes rereading seemingly impossible. But not on me, no. I still make time to reread books. But why, you ask? I already read ‘em; I’m just taking away my time that I should devote on my TBR pile. But for me there’s something about revisiting an old story, one that I know very well that make it appealing to me to read—again.


my actual ‘reread’ pile, me & my chicky bookmarks are ready.

Rereading makes ‘book slump’ at bay. If I read a very horrible or boring book, I always go to my favorites and reread even just my favorite parts to help reboot my enthusiasm for reading. My favorite books and my favorite moments in it remind me why I love reading. And knowing that makes me want to try new books again so I can have another book to my roster of favorites.

It is also by rereading a book makes me understand a character deeper because there were time that I might have not noticed those little details between the lines. I wasn’t that madly in love when I read Shatter Me the first time (shocking right? Considering how much I loved it now.). It took the second time for me to warm up on Juliette.

Sometimes, there’s something that will click internally making me realize about the story or characters now that I have read it twice. It is like getting more intimate with these aspects. There are just some things that I wouldn’t realize if I have not read it the second time. Making me more familiar with it that somehow makes me think of it differently.

Maybe I should do that the first time so I won’t be wasting time rereading, right? No, for me reacquainting myself with the story and the characters through rereading is still very productive. It’s not just noticing those missed parts (which were never really the main motivation when I reread) but ultimately remembering and reliving my favorite parts is the best thing about rereading. The familiarity makes it so comfortable to me because I knew that I love it and I enjoy it—over and over again.

There is just something about rereading that is really engaging like the first time I read the book. I always enjoy rereading my favorite books, particularly if I haven’t read it in a while. And even though I know what to expect and know what will happen, it still manages to elicit the same emotions out of me—sometimes more. So yes, rereading is something fun, it’s not counterproductive and never pointless. If it’s good, it deserves a second, third, fourth—nth glance.