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Another Edition of Mitchii’s Special. Hurhur! (Adventure Time! Edition) Being...

Another Edition of Mitchii’s Special. Hurhur! (Adventure Time! Edition)

Being a relatively unknown book blogger, a drop in the book blogging ocean, having noticed by publishers and especially authors—particularly my favorites is huge deal for me. Like massive deal! You know the only time I’ll get to see them personally if they fly out here and do book signing (which I am so grateful to the people who make it happens) so the chance to see them is very, very scarce. I was so lucky to meet Tahereh Mafi (and Ransom Riggs) earlier this year. There were also other book signing event that happened but I wasn’t a fan of the books. You know how I value sincerity, so I opted not to go.

I digress, sorry about that, but via the internet we have the chance to interact with our beloved authors. The people behind our favorite stories.  The person who created our favorite characters. Yes, I’m so thankful to the internet. But even though we have this amazing tool, my introverted personality still hinders me from reaching them out. I don’t tag when I tweet my reviews. To be totally honest, I always remain inconspicuous when it comes to my reviews. But even though I’m the one who fangirl-block myself, there are still awesome times when I got noticed. It’s a huge thing for me, so here are my awesome virtual moments with authors:

  • When an author ‘like’ my goodreads review


Oh my gosh, when I got my very first ever digital ARC, I was so scared to publish my review even though it was positive (like 5 stars). I have so little confidence on my writing skills. And I think I did a poor job praising it. But when I saw that this author liked my review, I might have hyperventilated a little. LOL I got notifications every day, and it still blows my mind when one of them is the author.

  • They commented on my review.

Liking? That’s huge but commenting? Spare their precious time for the little ‘ol me? Wow, that’s blow me away! I can’t believe it that they took their time leaving a comment to what I believe is a poorly constructed review. And the fact that it wasn’t a complete positive review made it so incredible.

  • When they tweeted me telling me that they were happy that I liked their book/s.

Did I mention that I didn’t tag authors/pubs. I don’t even hashtag so yeah, but by some miracle they found out my review and thanked me for it. Like, me? And it doubled the awesomeness when they—

  • RT: my review


Not only that they thanked me but they retweeted it. I’m so happy that in my own ‘lil ways provided something for their books. But man, they RT it?! My review link will be on their timeline for their followers to see. *blushes* xD

  • When they follow you on Twitter (other social media sites, GR, IG, etc)

It’s like we’re friends—virtually. Even though I’m way too shy to approach ‘em. I’m easily intimidated, you see. But we’re friends!!!! *happy dance*

  • Had an incredibly short Twitter Convo

When they thanked me, I replied. I think it’s a courtesy to acknowledge that you have read their tweet for you. But sometimes it will take a few more replies before the convo ends. So yeah, I feel like I’m really friends with the author if we have, even a short, twitter convo.

  • When I was asked to review and was given an unsolicited copy.


This is the hugest ever! I might have cartwheeled then did some happy dance on the entire room when I received an email and review copy of the book that I’ve been eyeing for months. Like how does she know? But I’m not gonna argue with her reason (or ask why) because damn, review copy of my favorite book? I couldn’t pass the chance, right?!

* * * * *

And that’s my top awesome virtual moments with authors. I know some of you have more awesome interaction with your favorite author/s. I think some are even rubbing elbows with them. Yes, I’m so envious but at the same time I’m happy. You know for a reader like me authors are like celebritries. So how do you react when your favorite author take notice of you? Awesome, right?

So how about you, what are you virtual awesome moments with authors? Are you rubbing elbows with them in RL? Or are you just like me, who make a huge deal in little things like these. Don’t forget to share!