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I want to share you guys some personal bookworm habits....

I want to share you guys some personal bookworm habits. These are the things that I do or don’t do when it comes to one my prized possessions: books.

  • I DO: cover books with plastics.

The Eternal Ones duology. You can clearly see the plastic cover.

Yes, each one of my books has plastic cover (except manga since there are waaaay too many of them when we decided to cover ‘em. Plus for some strange reasons they can withstand dirt and shelf wear much better than books. How? I really don’t know.)

  • I DO NOT: like hardbacks.

The book in the photo above is an exemption since I got it for a very, very reasonable price.

I despise book jacket and that’s about it.

  • I DO: like my books in uniformed size.

While I did like the new design for Shatter Me, I didn’t like they aren’t the same size.

It pisses me when publisher do some design overhaul in the middle of the series. I mean, I already have it and then they’re going to change it? Like that?! I mean the design, fine, but even the size, ugh, it really boils my blood. I hate disorganization on the shelf.

  • I DO NOT: put sticky notes on my books.

Those aren’t sticky notes, they are cutout colored papers for visual presentation.

I saw this plenty of times on Instagram. They put sticky notes on pages of the books which I think are passages that they loved. I don’t do that. This may sound rather cocky (but just being honest) but once I love something may it be a quote or a scene I can memorize where it is immediately. So a reminder such as sticky notes is not necessary for me. And ultimately, I just don’t want anything sticky on the pages of my book. (OCD, ok?)

  • I DO: rarely need bookmarks.

My bookmark is cute. It’s Pucca, one of my faves, sadly I rarely use it.

I’m also one of those readers who read faster on digital formats than print. And the convenience of it is you can continue where you stop without hassling the pages. But when I read a book (print) I make sure I have lots of free time for it. As much as possible I want to read it on one sitting, halting every now and then kind of distract the pacing of the story for me.

  • I DO NOT: (if possible) lend books.

Someone: Can I borrow? Me: *sweats a lot* *try to evade the question*

Is it bad of me that I don’t like the idea of lending books? I’m badly burnt by this before that it scar me for life. When I borrow books I make sure to return it on time and without any blemishes. I take good care of other’s belongings. But not all people do the same gesture. One time my sister let her classmate borrow my copy of The Hunger Games.  She only returned it after one year! One year?! Glad it came back in good condition. I’m happy and somewhat relieved.

  • I DO: need both e-book and print copies of my favorite books.

There’s no such thing as too many when it comes to my favorites.

Since I’m very OCD when it comes to my books as much possible I don’t want to bring them anywhere that can potentially damage it. I want it accessible as well and y’all know we can’t carry all of ‘em at once. Yep, that’s another reason but mostly the potential damage that scares me. I’m strict crazy mother hen to my book babies. LMAO

So how about you what’s your weird bookworm habits? Do you also share some of mine? Don’t hesitate to tell me!   @.@ :heh: :3

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