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With the influx of books to movies adaptation that are...

With the influx of books to movies adaptation that are being made right now and with the recent opening of Divergent (which I will tell you right now that I will not going to see it because I hate the book. I don’t think I can endure 2+ hours of it), I decided to share something about books to movie adaptation. We all know that OST is also important in the whole thing. Am I right or am I right? Today I’ll share to you my top five songs from the official soundtrack of movies based on books.

❺ Song Title: Spiritual / Performed by: Katy Perry:

Movie: Vampire Academy (2014)
Book: Vampire Academy by Richelle MeadI love Katy Perry. There’s something about pop music that’s simple and very enjoyable. I liked most of her songs but I loved the ones that are tamer, slow beat than her usual singles. I didn’t know that this song was included in the album, only when I checked it out that I found out.

❹ Song Title: Dare You to Move / Performed by: Switchfoot:

Movie: A Walk to Remember (2002)
Book: A Walk to Remember by Nicholas SparksThis is very sentimental movie and book to me. I was only a junior in high school when the movie came out and I was totally crushing on Shane West that time. My older sister had a cassette tape of the official soundtrack of the movie and I love every song in there. But this one stuck to me. It has a powerful message in there that I truly loved.

❸ Song Title: Safe & Sound / Performed by: Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars:

Movie: The Hunger Games (2012)
Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsGot to admit that when I heard that Taylor Swift was part of the OST, I was really, really reluctant. I love Taylor Swift don’t get me wrong  (her concert here in Manila last 2011 was my very first International concert ever) but I was hoping for a more upbeat and leaning more on rock side than a country song. But then I heard it and it was hunting. I ended up loving it.

❷ Song Title: Radioactive Performed by: Imagine Dragons:

Movie: The Host (2013)
Book: The Host by Stephanie MeyerI haven’t read the book but I watched already watched the movie. It wasn’t bad, gotta thank Max Irons for that. But one that truly stuck to me was the song. It has lot of elements in there. Somewhat ethnic, a bit electronic, then obvious rock element to it. It really matches the atmosphere of the movie and the theme of the book which is Sci-fi. I loved, loved it!

❶ Song Title: Decode Performed by: Paramore

Movie: Twilight (2008)
Book: Twilight by Stephanie MeyerI love Paramore way before I knew this song, way before I even started reading. I was really a huge fan of Haley Williams. Her voice is so full & powerful. And I loved how fitting the song was to the story. It was eerie and dark about it that kinda stuck with you when you hear it, whether you’re fan or not of the book. I’ve heard way before I read Twilight and loved it.

It’s completely coincidence that my top two are from Stephanie Meyer books. What can I say I love the songs!

How about you, what are your favorite songs from movies based on books. Please share it with me! :YAY:

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