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I’m a little behind schedule (as opposed to last week...

p-62I’m a little behind schedule (as opposed to last week a day earlier). Anyway, if you’re  not still sick of my introduction then welcome again to PROJECT SIXTY-TWO also known as ‘Warner Centric Countdown to Ignite Me.’ Today I’ll talk about questions that have been bugging me all this time regarding the story and hopefully I will get the answers in the third and final book of the Shatter Me Trilogy! And because there’s just less than a month before my Most Awaited Book of 2014 the official released date, I’ll share you a teaser quote (from Ignite Me) from that man himself, Warner.

“Eye see you.” – EpicReads

Jeopardy!: Let’s play 20 5 Questions, Ignite Me style!

I have so many questions in the story but I have to cut down to my top 5 questions. So here they are:

5. Will I get to know more about Warner & Adam’s mother (information wise)?

From what I know Adam’s mom is dead but I really want to know how she knew Anderson and if they really were in love with each other. I have the feeling that Anderson liked her better than his legal wife (which is Warner’s mom; they even have two kids from Adam’s mom, for Pete’s sake. That saying a LOT about the evil dude!). Also, about Warner’s mom, the poor woman who needs to deal with her psychopath of a husband. Plus, I was wondering what Warner needed to do for him (Anderson) so he can govern Sector 45.

4. Does Anderson have power?

I’m pretty sure he has but it would be nice if it stated in black and white. I mean his three kids have abilities, there’s ginormous possibility that the apples doesn’t fall far from the tree.

3. Will Warner and Adam call a truce?

I’m 99% sure about that. I know that Adam said that “it takes a lot more than blood to be family,” but I’m hoping for the best. I might be biased towards Warner but I have faith in Adam that they will settle their differences, I mean after all they’re brothers. I also wish to see them fight alongside just like Nash and Tod from Soul Screamers (they, too, are brothers and loved the same woman).

2. Will there be sexy scenes, something like Chapter 62, or better yet, hotter than that?

Ms. Tahereh Mafi knows her words. She knows how to write scorching, electrifying, palpable scenes. I heard that there would be chapter like that (and I was even told the chapter number so yeah I’m excited to read that Chapter if it’s true). I’ve read the scene from the sampler that you could say that is cute but sexy (and bit funny, too). Oh you two you never cease to entertain me!

1. Who will Juliette end up with?

Admit it, that’s mine and I think the other fans’ million dollar question. Although as I said in my Fracture Me review that novella sealed the deal for me, I was still a bit apprehensive especially with my experience with Boundless where the author decided to do a last minute change of plans (…for the worst) by letting the girl ended up with least developed guy. I loved Tucker but after all that development, really? And even after a year I’m still shocked & disappointed. I digress, please, pleeeeeeeeease, pretty please with sugar on top, let it be Warner!!! *coughs* I rest my case.

And here’s the TEASER QUOTE from Ignite Me Chapter Sampler.

“There are three things you should know about me, love.”

 Warner (Ignite Me)

Huge thanks to Ginny for allowing me to share the quotes. Much love, girl! :chup: :love:

Official Countdown: Only 25 days to go!!!

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