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Hi everyone! Do you still have hangover from last night...

Hi everyone! Do you still have hangover from last night late partying? Let me remove those fogs brought by last night party and drinking with another installment of Project Sixty-Two. Oh wait, there’s still more? Yes, of course! This is week five and can you believe that there’s only a month to go before Ignite Me hit the shelves?! Exciting, isn’t it? And look what Tahereh Mafi teased us with a pic. :hearts:

Yes, it’s live people. Ignite Me & Unite Me in the freaking flesh! Woooh!

Today, I’m going to talk about the other troubled boys. Yes, we all knew they are trouble when they walked in. We are the moths to their flames. We loved the sad and tortured soul and we have tendency to get sympathetic to them because, well, we do! And Aaron “Gorgeous” Warner Anderson is one of them. But I’ll give you a breather this time and let me talk about the other boys in YA & Manga that I want you to meet. Because one guy is not enough for us, devoted fangirls!

An Attempt to Clone Warner: Meet the Troubled Boys of YA & Manga

There is something with guys that fall in this trope which  as a reader that I find compelling to read. There are plenty of reason why but mostly because they have more room for development (you can read Gilly of  Writer of Wrong about her take on The Appeal of the YA Bad Boy). They have difficult personalities and crooked outlook in life which is mostly rooted from their tortured past. And that’s why I like reading about them because I want the story to prove they’re not really that bad they’re just misjudged. And I want to know more about them.

And it is definitely not every single time that All Girls Want Bad Boys, sometimes the nice guy won my heart (e.g. Christian Prescott from Unearthy & Astley from Need).

Are you ready? Here we go!


sweet-evilName: Kaidan Rowe
Series: Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins
In a Love Triangle? Nope, as far as I know.

He’s half demon and half human, the son of the duke of lust. Well, he’s incredibly hot which he used to lure unsuspecting girls with his charm. It his job and he’s tortured every time. But when he met Anna Whitt thing changed. And now he’s in between the girl he loved and the duty to his father, like he was between good and bad.


Name: Adam Rosierteo
Series: The Eternal One Duology by Keirsten Miller
In a Love Triangle? Yes, and the other guy is lame though!

He’s evil. The devil incarnate. He almost invincible with the exemption of his Achilles’ heel, the mortal woman he fell in love, Haven. For million and millions of years he pursued her but she always and every time fell in love with same man. He had done desperate attempt to claim her love but everything failed. He decided to let her go because the next time, he wanted her to genuinely love him.


Name: Noah Shawmara
Series: Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkins
In a Love Triangle? I don’t think so, I haven’t read the second book.

It’s the accent. I have love and hate relationship with this guy. I sometimes like him (or love him) other times I want to kick him in the balls because of his cockiness. But one thing’s for sure he has secrets, he has past and when he’s playing his cards right, he’s a great guy!


nightshadeName: Ren Laroche
Series: Nightshade Trilogy by Andrea Cremer

In a Love Triangle? Yes, yes! And the girl had led this poor sap to the end!

This alpha male is one tortured guy. He was in the midst of powerful feud with his specie and man who also in love with girl he was destined to be with. And he was the most fragile character I have ever read. I cried when the author decided to *censored* He lost a lot in his life and no, the last minute changed of plan did not appease my anger towards the hell that was called the ending! *cries*


fallenName: Cameron “Cam” Briel
Series: Fallen Series by Lauren Kate
In a Love Triangle? Yes, but the girl is clear from the start on whom she really preferred. But who cares about her anyway?!

The only reason why I tortured myself on reading this book to the very end. And for sentimental reason it was the first book in YA (outside Twilight) that I really liked (I guess that time, I let you know I’m very easy to please before!). I liked his cockiness and while he was bad news, he did some redeeming moments and decisions. And hell, he’s far more interesting than Daniel freaking Gregori! And since I’m talking about Fallen, Ms. Kate you still owes us an explanation, where the heck is Cameron?


hibariName: Hibari Kyoya
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! By Amano Akira
In a Love Triangle? Nope, this is Shounen (Manga for boys) but fans took the liberty to pair him up to anyone they please.

Hibari Kyouya is the Disciplinary Committee Leader of the Namimori Middle School and hates anyone that would tarnish his school and the town of Namimori. He likes everything to be orderly and perfect so as a result doesn’t like chaos and disciplines anyone who opposes this.  Hibari also doesn’t like crowds and prefers to be alone just like Warner (he even beats people that dares to crowd him). The reason why he likes to be alone or work by himself is because he feels restricted if he works with someone and he even also doesn’t take suggestions from people lightly.

(Thanks to my sister for writing this; although it’s one hell of an essay!)

shoName: Shotaro Fuwa
Series: Skip Beat! By Yoshiki Nakamura
In a Love Triangle? More of a love square, although there’s a guy who I think is winning the race. Good for him (‘cos I like him as well)

He used his best friend as his personal assistant and trampled her heart into tiny, unrecognizable pieces. His doucheness led to her mission to bring him down. And now that she’s an actress he finally saw the diamond in the rough that is his best friend. Now he’s now vying for her attention and he’s about to fight not only 1 guy but two of ‘em!

zeroName: Zero Kiryuu
Series: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino
In a Love Triangle? Yes, but Zero is way hotter!

Oh my gosh, he’s hot, he’s tortured, and he’s hot. That’s pretty much it. Haha, no seriously, I sort DNF-ed this series because it kinda confused me but the start was really great. He was the brooding vampire hunter who has his demon of his own because of the terrible incident that happened in his past that affected his life forever.



Name: Lelouch Lamperouge
Series: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion by Ichirō Ōkouchi
In a Love Triangle? A lot of admirers but the series is not really Romance.

He’s one conflicted dude, because of the political situation between countries, he and his little sister were forced to live in unstable lifestyle. When he was handed an ability to compel people to do what he orders which resulted to him leading a rebellion. I think the power and as well as the responsibility had taken too much of him. What a sad ending.

akashiName: Akashi Seijuurou
Series: Kuroko’s Basketball by Tadatoshi Fujimaki
In a Love Triangle? I don’t know. I don’t think so. Maybe the fangirl (aka my sister) knows.

Akashi Seijuurou is the former captain of the Teikou Middle School basketball team (also known as the Generation of Miracles) and captain of his current team in Rakuzan High School. Akashi has a natural charisma and an ability to lead anyone as stated in the series as he easily commands his teammates which are composed of second years (who are also very prideful) to his biddings even though he’s only a first year. His former teammates also still respect and obey him despite the fact that they are now enemies as they followed his instructions like meeting up before the tournament (Winter Cup) begins.

(Thank you sister!)

Did I get your boyish fix! I really hope so. If you haven’t read any of the titles, I suggest you do, I highly rec’ it. :chup:

Official Countdown: Only 33 days to go!!!

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