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You guys, welcome again to another installment of Project 62...

p-62You guys, welcome again to another installment of Project 62 aka ‘Warner Centric Countdown to Ignite Me.’ Yes, you guys, very true to my word I will do this whole thing for nine weeks. And this is the second week, and what I have for you dearest #teamWARNER are my favorite quotes from the guy.

I know that he’s sexy and have strong personality. But what comes out from his mouth were sure made (and will made—as my very good friend, Ginny, told me that’s there a whole new side to Warner that we have yet seen in Ignite Me *small tingles had spread out in my entire system*) my innards melt like a puddle of goo. Be warn, some quotes are deliciously sexy, brace your inner fangirls on their seats!

TOP 10 Favorite Warner quotes


10. Impressive Specimen
— Shatter Me (Trade Paperback), Page 126

Not gonna argue with that. He’s indeed an impressive man.

9. Touch Me
— Shatter Me (Trade Paperback), Page 133

Nothing sexier than that. /enough said.

“I will give no one the satisfaction of my death.”

8. No Satisfaction
— Destroy Me (e-book), Page 13

This quote showed both Warner’s fragility and strength. For me he was telling that he will not give anyone the opportunity to see his vulnerability which I think the reason was he is afraid, hence he’s hiding it. It’s also strength because it means he’s going to fight to the end before he admits defeat.

7. Your Friend
— Shatter Me (Trade Paperback), Page 131

Even from the very beginning, he really wants to be her friend.

“My mind is a warehouse of carefully organized human emotions.”

6. A Warehouse
— Destroy Me (e-book), Page 8

I loved this part of Warner and it’s very true to his nature. He’s very careful on what emotion he wants for people to see, even that aspect of himself he knows how to control.


5. Maybe Someday
— Unravel Me (International Edition), Page 317

It sounded like a promise between them. If the tattoo artist is Warner then feel free to use my skin as his canvas. No, seriously they have some sort of mutual agreement, a silent promise between them. And hells yeah, it was sexy. *swoon*


4. Knows Everything
— Shatter Me (Trade Paperback), Page 131
Also in the same page. He knows what she have been longing all this time. And take note, he hadn’t read her diaries. That’s how much aware he is of her. And man, he’s going to fight for you, girl. He won’t give up on you easily.


3. Never Forget
— Unravel Me (International Edition), Page 325

It showed how many things, terrible events had happened in his nineteen years of life. His sufferings are something he can’t forget. Something forever etched in his life.


2. He Wants
— Unravel Me (International Edition), Page 394

Warner wanted many things from Juliette, but this one is my favorite because these are something, apart of Juliette, that couldn’t be stolen and at the same could not be easily given away. He wants Juliette for everything that she was, is, and will be.


1. Destroy Me
— Unravel Me (International Edition), Page 393

Three words. So powerful. I think I was also fallen to pieces but unfortunately not on his arms. It sounds negative but it’s not for me. It destroys something in him, a barrier that he strongly erected but diminished because of Juliette. He is not the type who throws words a potent as that. For someone like him admitted that means so much.

* * * * *

That’s my Top 10 Favorite Warner quotes. I can’t wait to add more to my favorite when Ignite Me is officially released. Tune again next week, I have few more surprises in store. So #teamWARNER out there don’t hesitate to leave me a note. I need more fangirls to, well, fangirl with me.

Official Countdown: Only 53 days to go!!!