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If you read my about page, I’m not into reading...

If you read my about page, I’m not into reading when I was kid. In fact I detested reading. I hated it when my English teacher asked us to read a novel. I might have given her a deadly glare from the far corner of the room where I was sitting because she was giving us one of my loathsome activities—reading.  I can still remember when the teacher asked us to read Lord of the Flies by William Golding and I couldn’t pass the first 10 pages. I was doomed. How on earth will I be able to write a book report if I can’t read the book? You know what I did? I asked my classmate to tell me the story (I know it was wrong, don’t emulate me). She liked reading and actually enjoyed it, so she was happy to tell me the story. I did well (I’m actually good writer then, I don’t know what happened, as if my vocabulary which I tried to enrich back in high school went down to the drainage). So yes, you will never see Mitchii of 10+ years ago holding a book and find pleasure on mere reading. I’ll probably laugh at your face when you said that reading is your hobby, when for me back then it was horrendous academic task.

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Some of you can relate to my story but the interest started when my two sisters (who actually read) were so excited to watch the new Twilight movie, New Moon. I don’t understand them and I beg them to let me join them. I watched New Moon not knowing what the hell was going on. They told me to read the books. And so I did. I freaking finished it in one week. Four freaking books in one week?  It was unbelievable. It was abnormal because it took me eons to finish Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist. It was indeed remarkable. I was completely in love with the story. So yes, I loved Twilight. This is the series that started it all for me. I don’t care what they say about it but if it weren’t for these books, I won’t even give reading a chance. And thinking about it I’m so thankful that I did end up loving this hobby.

I haven’t had a huge reading and blogging slump ever since. And I sort of wanted to kick my younger self for hating the hobby I’m so passionate now. The whole reading thing is just so fulfilling to me. I love reading. I read every single day. I just love, love it. I will still read even without the blogging side to it. Like I said in bio page, I never expected that reading could be this addictive. And if you’re like me, the younger me, who hates reading or find it boring, you’ll never know because there is a book out there that will change your whole perspective about reading. Look at me, it did and triumphantly I may add.

So how about you, are you the cool kid who reads; or are you just like me, became a bookworm recently?  Care to share it with me? :loves:

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